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Setiawan 10:07 PM Yesterday
Picked up the HiVi D3.2F (Wood veneer, without grooves) about a month and a half ago, so I thought I'd sign up here at AVSForum and show them off

Swan speakers may be difficult to come by in the US, but it seems even moreso here in Australia. Besides two retailers/distributors that I can think of that sell powered Swan speakers, I can't really seem to find any that sell their passive hifi/home theater speakers. So imagine my surprise when I was just sifting through the local online classifieds (Gumtree), and found this beauty! Now, I was no stranger to the quality of Swan speakers, having been a proud owner of a pair of D1080MKII 08's and a pair of H4's, so that very day I rocked up to his house with cash in hand, and I managed to get them for < 500AUD. I'm sort of new to buying second hand audio gear, so I'm not sure how much of a bargain that was, but overall, I'm happy with the price and the product.

Apparently he had them imported from HK some time ago, on the advice of his brother that lives there, and frequents the HiVi store. Makes me wonder, how many other Australians have been lucky enough to experience Swan's floorstanding speakers. Really wish they'd have more a presence here, I imagine they'd do great.
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Fabricator's Avatar Fabricator 06:01 AM Today
nice. and welcome to the forum
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