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Rx7000's Avatar Rx7000 06:45 AM 07-18-2007
Hello everybody, I am new to these forums and this is my first post, first off I would just like to say that I have been reading a couple days and I am very impressed with the knowledge level here and I am looking foward to learning as I go along.

I am here for a reason and that is Ive decided to build my home theater system. I have decided on a tv and a receiver, now its time for speakers and honestly... I am having alot of trouble... The trouble is there seems to be no real middle ground for speakers, everything seems to be either very expensive, or very cheap. We are currently living in my girlfriends parents inlaw apartment so I dont need anything thats going to blow down walls and really draw negative attention, rather im looking for quality and clarity from the normal speakers the subs really dont have to be anything special. But as I said I am having trouble finding some good middle ground speakers, if anybody can recommend or even just drop a suggestion I would be very grateful.

I am looking to spend between 500-1000 dollars on speakers, the closer to 500 the better but I am willing to pay more for something decent. We will be watching mostly movies (with a good amount of Xbox 360 gaming, listining to music will be the lowest priority, the majority of these movies will also be from a HD format(incase that also influences selection)) so I wouldn't mind putting together at least a 5.1 setup.

Heres information on the other componets incase that influences recommendations.

AVR Onkyo TX-SR705
Samsung 46" LN-S4696D LCD

I am not sure which dvd player im going to pick up yet but im probably going to be leaning towards Blu-Ray.

I have alot of experience with sound and music as a musician but not neccesarily as a home theater guru or a audiophile. I have a nice pair of Staunton headphones I use for mixing music and a pair of Studiophile Dx4 M-Audio desktop studio moniters, and aside from my bass and guitar amps, thats about all my audio experience. I know nothing about home theater and even less about the speakers involved so I throw myself at the mercy of your suggestions, thanks for your time and patience!!

sleepyness's Avatar sleepyness 08:30 AM 07-18-2007
AV123/Axiom/HTD + SVS/HSU sub = 5.1 <$1000
droht's Avatar droht 09:04 AM 07-18-2007
Rx7000, how big is your room?
Rx7000's Avatar Rx7000 09:23 AM 07-18-2007
Hi guys, the room is a 12x15, thanks for the quick replys.

In response to the AV123 suggestion all I have to say is wow, at least from the reviews and the price, this speaker seems pretty impressive, not only is it a sexy looking speaker but the price and according to the reviews ive read the sound hits the spot...

Theorycraft here, Going with the X-CS as a center (139), X-MTM Pair for Left and Right (449), X-LS Bookshelf pair for left and right rear (219) leaving me at 807 as a grand total, not to shabby considering the quality of the speakers, quick question though with the AVR at roughly a 100 watts per channel, is that going to be enough power to work these speakers? Also if going for 7.1 sound, would you recommend another pair of X-LS Bookshelves for the rear??

As far as the subs go for SVS the PB10-NSD looks like a great shot, 300 watt powered 10 inch would do the trick nicley I would imagine, not overkill but just right for the situation (Ive jokingly thought about hooking up my Mesa 4x10 Cab with my 2600 Watt power amp to work as my subs, but I dont think that would go over to good ) The STF-1 Subwoofer by HSU looks a tad dinky, the 8" at 150 watts seems like it wouldnt be able to cut the sub bass the 10" would pull off, but the price is right... I think as far as subs go, I might just throw the extra money and maybe think about the PB10-NSD, bang for the buck, it seems like the way to go, I have a feeling id want to replace the STF-1 in a few months (I put subs in my car once and made the mistake of getting to small of a amp, every time I fired up the stereo it was insta disapointment, id hate to feel like that again with the home theater stereo).
deneb's Avatar deneb 11:46 AM 07-18-2007
You could even go with the X-LS bookshelf speakers as mains as well, freeing up more $ for the sub.
Rx7000's Avatar Rx7000 12:16 PM 07-18-2007
Originally Posted by deneb View Post

You could even go with the X-LS bookshelf speakers as mains as well, freeing up more $ for the sub.

I hear that, my only reservation with that option would be that they only have a single speaker in them, and that they are rather small and im not sure id have somewhere to put them, the free standing floor units would kinda solve that problem, and they each have two speakers per unit which would kinda give it that full frontal audio assualt I did some figuring and the sub should be easily doable as long as the overtime at work dosnt stop
sauroneru's Avatar sauroneru 12:37 PM 07-18-2007
ProCinema 600/800? Within budget, small, easy? I just listened to these yesterday and they sounded fantastic - I literally put my hand against these little guys to make sure they were on instead of the floor speakers next to them.

Rx7000's Avatar Rx7000 05:40 AM 07-19-2007
Those arnt bad, similar pricing, I prefer the look of the AV123 personally.
droht's Avatar droht 10:48 AM 07-19-2007
Rx7000, I have three x-cs as my fronts and love them. Here is a heads up on deal at av123 if you go that way. They are offering Gift Cards right now, until end of July. Basically, you buy a GC and they add 10% on to your order. You buy a GC for $800 you get $880 in credit.

Only trick is they charge your credit card right away. If you just buy speakers straight they don't charge you until they ship. They are also offering a pre-buy on their new sub, the x-plosive. A 10 incher than reportedly dips down to 20hz. IIRC, the deal is you can buy an x-plosive for $299 if you buy a GC for any amount. Check out their web site under "specials" for details. I would recommend calling as well. The only compromise with them right now is that you may wait a bit for the speakers, and quite a bit for the new sub.
Irrivirsible's Avatar Irrivirsible 04:13 PM 07-19-2007
I have a room that is 129 inches x 114 inches I will be facing the tv lenghtwise the 129 inch way. there is a window in the middle of the wall on the left on the right a small wall section sticks out halway back then it is open on that side back to the wall whereas on the opposite side there is a wall.

My current speakers are Mirage 595is floorstanding bipolar with matching center and rears that slant in from the back to the front and the front is flat across. It has 3 speakers in the rears, I guess these are best facing forward. I also have a bipolar sub I think it might be a 150i or something I am unsure without getting it out and looking at it. These speakers are borderline too big. The fronts and center might barely be workable but the rears would be right behind my head on the wall. The tv is a 42 inch Plasma, when bought it was going in a different room but circumstances now dictate otherwise. Maybe I should just make do with what I got although the rears will be right behind the head area. I have also not used these for home theater yet so I do not know if they will sound dynamic for movies being bipolar.

It would be difficult to buy direct radiating speakers for the rears because they are supposed to face towards you and one side has a wall and the other doesn!t. Most sofas are about 89 inches give or take an inch or two. That would leave me a foot on either side for stands for rears. Another thing I forgot to mention is that this is a cape so the ceiling start slanting in and up 53 inches from the floor.

Any suggestions? The HB-1 and AV123 xl-s are fairly good size speakers and would present a problem for the rears. The ventriloquist bu HSU would seem a possible choice but one pro review I read said that the sound instead of moving through the speakers was stationary in the center for movies and that I would not want. I don!t want ORBs the wife hates the looks of them. I know about the Def Tech offerings but am looking for alternatives. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I would like to be able to try to get something that sounds good for movies and music. Actually it will probably be 85% or higher for movies and the balance for music but when I dolisten to music I want it to sound good. I would like to get something reasonably priced if possible too.
Rx7000's Avatar Rx7000 04:57 AM 07-21-2007
Thanks for hi-jacking my thread!!

On another note, does anyone have opinons on my setup im considering, do you think the receiver puts out sufficient wattage for the speakers?? Any input welcome.
Rx7000's Avatar Rx7000 06:01 PM 07-23-2007
shamless bump
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