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AV Science Sales 5's Avatar AV Science Sales 5 01:52 PM Today
Originally Posted by JohnstownFlood View Post Triad folks at least got me making mockups of Triad speakers in Sketchup to see how they would fit in the room I'm planning. It really is amazing all the options that exist, and the willingness of Triad to even do customs! As it is, the plan right now is with the Bronze package: InRoom Bronze LCR (behind screen in baffle wall), InWall Bronze LCRs for side surrounds, and InCeiling Bronze/8 Satellites for the Atmos in a 5.1.4 set up. QoA and/or AVS Mike, I'll be in touch.

Two questions:
  • Any issues using the InRoom LCRs behind a screen in a baffle wall? If not, is there a better approach?
  • If I can squeeze the budget, I wouldn't be opposed to stepping these up to the Silvers. Any issues there mixing up the Silver/Bronze? Looking through this thread I see it's been done in other setups. If I do this, though, the rest of the surrounds/Atmos will most likely have to stay Bronze if only due to size constraints.

My room is 14'W x 23'L x 7.5'H (soffit will be 6.8'). I'm still figuring out pre/pro and amp vs. AVR, and what I want to do there. If anything I'd save the budget there and just run an Atmos, DTS-X enabled AVR until I can step up. I am at least a year out.

And since everyone like pics, here's the SketchUp plan and current status (yes, it's a rip off of the Rawlinsway theater).

Be happy to help. Do you have a build thread? Would be better for me to ask questions there, rather than here. The existing soffit, are you moving the duct work and piping, closer to the side wall? If not the soffit is going to be a lot bigger than shown in the rendering. Also wanted to add, nice size space you have to work with. Wished I had that kind of space.

Are you going with a flat baffle wall or toe-in the ends for the left and right mains? I like a baffle wall build. That is what I have in my room, using a DIY active speaker, much like the CR LCR2's.

Dawn Gordon's Avatar Dawn Gordon 02:09 PM Today
Originally Posted by Dan Hitchman View Post
So, you're saying that Triad has bipole versions of their Surrounds now?
Hi Dan,

Yes they do. But they are custom versions so there will be an extra fee for the Bipoles.


I'm not sure about converting existing surrounds. I have a call in to Triad to find out. More info later today on this.
Dawn Gordon's Avatar Dawn Gordon 03:12 PM Today

Yes they will convert existing surrounds to Bipoles. Call me for more details. 561-745-6186.
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