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motoxpress's Avatar motoxpress 07:17 PM 11-08-2007
Any feedback on the Klipsch Quartet fronts? I have a chance to buy some at a good price but, I am wondering how well they will do for an all-around HT/Music system. What kind of life expectancy should one expect from something like these provided they are not deliberately damaged?


alkemyst's Avatar alkemyst 08:56 PM 11-08-2007
I have owned mine for 12 years now and they still rock. The quartets are really close to the Forte and Chorus with not as deep a low end. Some think they sit a little low so they make custom risers for them.

www.klipsch.com has great forums for mods and repairs...usually the worst thing is a bad diaphram which is $30-50 to replace.

I love mine, although I'd love to hear Chorus II's.
motoxpress's Avatar motoxpress 10:04 PM 11-08-2007
Would you say the the Quartets would make solid fronts for a ht/music setup? I plan to later add center and rears then if needed subs.

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