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brandog712's Avatar brandog712 09:50 AM 11-09-2007
I would like to hook up my computer speakers to my vizio lcd tv, i'm not sure if this is possible or what I need. Here's what im working with:

I can't post urls yet, but have a vizio vw32l tv
-it has the regular audio plugs, nothing fancy from what i can tell.

Dell 5650 speakers 5 peice w/ subwoofer.
-the speakers all plug into the sub, along with a volume control(speaker combo) that also plugs into the sub.

I also have a sound blaster extigy (external video card), it has optical in/out, usb, spdif in, midi in/out, digital out, sub-rear-front.

I'm a complete noob with this, so if you could provide some simple helpful info that'd be great.


Nuthed's Avatar Nuthed 10:16 AM 11-09-2007
If the TV has a headphone out (unlikely) just plug into that. Otherwise I don't know.
brandog712's Avatar brandog712 10:53 AM 11-09-2007
it doesnt have a headphone out, that'd be too easy
tazzmissionx's Avatar tazzmissionx 11:11 AM 11-09-2007
What video sources are you watching on your tv? You make it sound like you are using some rabbit ears tuning in local channels on your tv. The tv itself has zero audio outs so if this were the case you are out of luck.
brandog712's Avatar brandog712 01:25 PM 11-09-2007
I use cable (i plug into a wall, no receiver), and a PS3 60GB. The PS3 has an optical out on it, i've never used one before. my soud blaster extigy has optical ins, so should i buy an optical cord?
tazzmissionx's Avatar tazzmissionx 10:05 AM 11-10-2007
Yes, that will work. I have not had hands on experience with the PS3 but if configuring it is similiar to the PS2 you will have to make sure that the PS3 is configured so that audio is being directed through the optical port.

Also, the Extigy does not need to be hooked up to your computer when doing this, the Extigy can function as a stand-alone decoder (like a receiver) due to having a hardware based Dolby Digital decoder, which gives you the capability to hook up things like a PS3 or other devices that can use optical out for audio.
brandog712's Avatar brandog712 11:10 AM 11-10-2007
I bought an optical cable last night and hooked it all up. Works great so far, thanks for the help
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