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jaah's Avatar jaah 12:37 AM 02-22-2011
I made an excel table from the settings.

Could someone please check these settings
And then I could try them.


obveron's Avatar obveron 09:57 PM 07-22-2011
Looks like this is the right thread to post this:

I'm having and issue with my 820.

The issue is when I connect any device to it's optical input. It displays that it is getting 48khz PCM and sounds great. The problem is when there is complete silence in the source (movie or otherwise), the AVR displays no input, and when the silence breaks, it again displays it is getting a PCM feed and sound resumes. However there is a tiny lag (milliseconds) before it locks onto the PCM input and starts driving the sound. This is not an issue for movies, as the lag is so short, you wouldn't notice. Movies rarely have total silence anyways.

The problem is when hooked up to a computer or gaming device. Simple Windows clicks and beeps are missed, or truncated. Gaming sounds that are preceded by silence like a single gunshot or foot step are often missed or truncated.

Does anyone follow what I'm describing? Anyone have similiar issues with their AVRs? Any work around? It seems like I need some way of keeping the AVR locked onto the PCM input even during silence.
bogdanovici666's Avatar bogdanovici666 01:47 AM 10-17-2011

I have some problems with my HDMI connection on my STR-DG720. Some times, it restarts every 5 seconds, or it doesn't feel the signal. the problem is on all hdmi inputs.

the amp is broken or it's something about the settings.
PerfectCr's Avatar PerfectCr 10:57 AM 01-02-2012
Is there a thread for DN-1020 owners? Haven't seen on for the 2011 lineup. Thx!
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