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mrschmitt's Avatar mrschmitt 04:34 PM 07-06-2008
This past weekend, I set up my new Yamaha HTIB. The receiver that came with the kit is the HTR-6030. Everything seem to be working the way it should when it comes to DTS, but it doesn't seem to work with DD. I have a DVD player that supports both Dolby Digital and DTS, and I have it hooked up to my receiver with a digital coax cable, so I think that it should probably work. When I play a DTS Dvd, the front of the receiver looks like the "DTS.jpg" that I have attached. When I play a DD Dvd, it comes up like the "DolbyDigital.jpg" that I attached. Sorry for the poor image quality. I can tell by the display that the DTS is working properly because it says DTS in the upper left corner, and it shows 5 speakers in the lower right corner. When I try to play a DVD that is encoded in any kind of Dolby Digital, the display says Dolby Pro Logic II and PCM, and only shows L and R in the bottom right corner. I'm sorry that my explanation is somewhat confusing. My hope is that somebody out there can help me. Thanks so much, and if you need any more information, let me know.

imeridian's Avatar imeridian 05:09 PM 07-06-2008
Sounds like you have the DVD player set to decode Dolby Digital and output it via the optical cable as PCM. Since the optical cable only has bandwidth for 2 PCM channels that's all you get. Go into the settings for your DVD player and make sure it's set to bitstream Dolby Digital and not internally decode, it'll send the compressed DD data to your receiver and then it'll decode and break it into the 5.1 channels properly.
mrschmitt's Avatar mrschmitt 05:14 PM 07-06-2008
My DVD's audio menu also talks about sample frequency. 46kHz and 96Khz. Which of these two should I be using with this particular receiver, and what is the difference?
Thanks again,
hammong's Avatar hammong 05:28 PM 07-06-2008
Both of those settings, 48/96 KHz are for PCM. Ideally your DVD will pass a straight Dolby digital 5.1 bitstream out of the optical and coax digital connectors, and your receiver will decode it. What model DVD player do you have? That will help us figure it out.

mrschmitt's Avatar mrschmitt 06:05 PM 07-06-2008
I have an LG LDA-530. If the 48/96 Khz are only for the PCM, maybe I don't even need to worry about it. I just noticed this setting in the "audio"menu of the DVD player. Going from top to bottom in the "audio" menu, it is:
Dolby Digital - PCM and Bitstream
DTS - PCM and Bitstream
MPEG - PCM and Bitstream
Sample Freq - 48 and 96 kHz
DRC - OFF and ON(From what I have read about this, I want this OFF)
Vocal - OFF and ON(I think I want this off also).
Like I mentioned before, if the Sample Freq is only for PCM, then maybe it doesn't matter. I will be watching some DivX movies though that are only in 2 channel stereo. Thanks everyone.
Foxbat121's Avatar Foxbat121 06:20 PM 07-06-2008
Sampling freq option is for PCM compatibility with receivers. Some receivers don't accept 96khz PCM. Some do. But all receivers will accept 48k PCM.

Set DD and DTS to bitstream and you will be all set.
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