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JimWinVA's Avatar JimWinVA 05:15 AM 03-28-2014

Thanks for the info. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through versus just switching to PCM.

jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 09:32 AM 03-28-2014
Sure. However, some folks like seeing the bitstream audio display on the front panel vs. just "MULT CH IN". Whichever you prefer. smile.gif
Cinemafreak1's Avatar Cinemafreak1 02:20 PM 03-29-2014
So the wife said we need a home theater Receiver in living room for music and TV. So movie Denon 2309 up and replace main HT downstairs Or get a more basic one for living room, 200-300? Would a new 500-600 receiver be that much better than my old Denon?
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 03:34 PM 03-29-2014
The newer X2000 would provide networking and a higher version of Audyssey MultEQ XT.
Folsom's Avatar Folsom 06:05 PM 05-20-2014
I have a MULTI CH IN question, and I wanted to post a question here first before posting in the home computer section..

My PC is connected to my 889 from my video card, and MULTI CH IN lights up. I have found some two channel sources like VLC only output sound on the front speakers, but some sources like google play music and youtube have surround sound.

It could be possible that VLC is outputting five channels (2 music and 3 silence) while the other two are only outputting two channels. Could the 889 be converting the two channels to a surround format? If so, I would like to turn it off. If not, then I have something configured incorrectly on the PC.

I looked at page 69 in the 889 manual, and I see different settings for MULTI CH IN. I would also like to know how to select MULTI CH DIRECT and PURE MULTI CH DIRECT.

jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 06:19 PM 05-20-2014
If you have a 5.1 setup then a MULTI CH IN signal is already 5CH so there is nothing to change, rather if audio is only heard from the FL/FR speakers than a 2CH audio track is being passed over a 5CH signal. Select DIRECT by pressing the D/ST button on the back of the remote while to select PURE DIRECT, press the PURE button on the back of the remote.
Folsom's Avatar Folsom 08:01 PM 05-20-2014
When I press the D/ST button, sound only comes from the front speakers, and "STEREO" is displayed. This is the sound I want when listening to 2 channel music from google play. I'd rather not have to switch the 889 mode depending on the source. The sound is much different, it doesn't sound like it's just muting the surround channels. There is a large loss of bass when going away from stereo back to multi ch direct.

Does this mean that the computer is outputting 5 audio channels from the PC when I want only two channels? I want to ensure I have the 889 not doing any processing and the PC is adding extra channels before asking in the home computer section.

jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 05:20 AM 05-21-2014
Refer to p. 37 in your Owner's manual for more information on DIRECT mode. Unless there is a separate 0.1 (LFE) channel, there would be no audio going to the subwoofer.
Folsom's Avatar Folsom 06:54 PM 05-22-2014
Thanks for all the help. It's good to know all the direct modes. I figured out that Firefox is upmixing the stereo audio to 5.1 and not the receiver. If I use Chrome then stereo sounds fine.

jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 04:21 AM 05-23-2014
Keep in mind that using DIRECT or PURE DIRECT, in addition to disabling any bass management, Audyssey is also disabled.
voltrons_head 04:40 PM 07-29-2014
Hey everyone,

New guy here. I have a Denon 2309ci that just today started acting strange while in surround sound. I can't hear any voices. Switching to 5 channel stereo brings the voices back. I tried the reset sequence which flashed all the lights on the display a few times but the surround issue isn't resolved. Anyone hear of this before? Any ideas as to what I can do to fix it?

Edit: I have young kids so it's very possible that one of them played with the control panel.

I appreciate your help!
voltrons_head 04:50 PM 07-29-2014
Silly me. One of the kids had bumped the center channel and knocked the wire loose. All fixed.
HometheaterAddict 09:32 AM 08-14-2014
My Denon is not playing sound from the left or right front speakers. I thought it was the left/right outputs on the receiver so I connected my center cables to both left and right and sound was coming out. Then I thought is was my cables for the left/right speakers so I connected them to the center outputs and sound was coming out.

Anyone having this issue?????
batpig's Avatar batpig 10:15 AM 08-14-2014
Check if you haven't accidentally selected "B" front speakers.
HometheaterAddict 10:27 AM 08-14-2014
It is all connected under A outlets
batpig's Avatar batpig 10:46 AM 08-14-2014
Right, but if you accidentally selected "B" speakers the "A" outlets would be muted.
HometheaterAddict 11:56 AM 08-14-2014
gotcha...how would i un-mute the A speakers or switch back to A speakers?
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