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08-17-2008 | Posts: 242
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I was looking more carefully at the shots of the rear of the x05 and x06 models and noticed some things missing in the new models. I collected all four in one shot below. It appears the 705 was radically redesigned internally in the 706. Almost everything is moved on the rear panel. Also the 706 and 806 rear panels are now identical except for the addition of a 5th HDMI port on the 806. Both still have a jig port for upgrades presumably (if the serial can't be used) but there is only one on the 706 as opposed to two on 705.

Some things lost in this model include optical out, a component video input and a switched AC outlet. The first two personally don't bother me, however I would really miss the AC out since I use it to control my rack fan.

Also if you look at the pictures of the 805 vs. 876 it looks like the 876 is the new 805 as far as rear panel. The only difference on the rear panels between 805 and 876 is the additional in/out HDMI and moved AM/FM antennas. The 876 maintains the optical out and AC outlet.

Also at this point I guess the only reason to go for 805 over 705 is increased power output and an additional HDMI port.

705 Rear Panel
706 Rear Panel
805 Rear Panel
806 Rear Panel
876 Rear Panel

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08-25-2008 | Posts: 392
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I too noticed the same, I also noticed something else, that 805 weights 50.9 Lbs (Same as the 875 and 876) and the 806 weights 37.5, these stats were taken from Onkyo's own site. Now I know that weight is not everything but they dropped 13.4 Lbs from the 805? Clearly that must have come from somewhere important, such as the power supply or amp. The new 806 is also not quite as deep (2" less) than the 805, which tells me again that some component they are using is smaller, prob the power supply, the 806 has a higher THD rating 0.08%, where as the 805 has 0.05%. Finally the 806 even draws less power from the outlet, 7.8 Amps, V.S. 9.5 Amps. Does anyone else have any comments/thoughts on the new 806 to share? So far I am glad I bought the 805 for cheap just before the 6 series came out, from what I can tell the 805 shares the same amp as the 875/876, or at least is very similar, as those receivers weight the same (50.9 Lbs), and even the top of the line 906 cannot have THAT much crazier of an amp, it only puts out 15 more watts than the 805 and it weights a whole 3 pounds more, I think you are mainly getting better video processing when you go with the models above the 805.

I guess my bottom line here is that the 805 was a gem, and I am damn glad I got one for so cheap last year! Maybe Onkyo realized that they shot themselves in the foot by making the 805 with such a damn good amp, and it killed sales on the 875/905, so they decided to make the 806 a bit less desirable to make the jump up to the 876/906 worth it, Who Knows...
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08-25-2008 | Posts: 3,930
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IIRC it's been noted in several threads that so far all newly released Onkyos are a step back from their predecessors.
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Originally Posted by T2k View Post

IIRC it's been noted in several threads that so far all newly released Onkyos are a step back from their predecessors.

Maybe they realised they were losing out on money by making their receivers too feature rich for too little money?
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08-25-2008 | Posts: 92
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A lot of this has been discussed in this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1045041

I think the first few reviews of the 806 are favorable, but I don't think there were any side-by-side pro comparisons yet.
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