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10-05-2008 | Posts: 23
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I have a MARANTZ SR7001 running 2 Studio 100 v3's.

When I play music at a loud volume (-10db to 0db) the receiver gets so hot that it will burn my hand! Shortly afterwards it shuts itself off, I assume due to overheating. If I wait a few minutes it will turn back on and play normally until it overheats (i think) again.

All wires are tight, I removed them and reattached them to be sure. Everything is hooked up properly and triple checked.

I cannot imagine that this is normal behavior or that I am playing the amp to loudly. I am in the process of trying one speaker at a time to see if there is an issue with the speakers or wiring.

Is this normal behavior? or do I have a defective amp?

Thank you for your responses!
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10-05-2008 | Posts: 2,511
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How much room do you have around the reciever? If they are put in tight confines, or enclosed cabinets, they tend to run very hot.

Also, are your speakers rated at 8ohms, or 4 ohms? Most recievers do not like difficult loads.
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10-05-2008 | Posts: 23
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Thanks for the reply! Good points!

There is plenty of room around the unit. At least a foot in every direction. The cabinets are wide open with no glass in front or panels in the back.

The specs say the speakers are "compatible with 8 ohm". The receiver says 8ohms as well.

Any other ideas? Has anyone run this configuration before and had this issue?
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10-06-2008 | Posts: 55
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Man, I am having the same problem with my SR7001 also. Just started happening. Mine will play for about 20 minutes at moderate volume then click over to a flashing red light on the front. If I unplug the receiver and plug back in, then I can turn the receiver back on and watch for a little while.
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10-07-2008 | Posts: 23
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Shoot that is not encouraging news!

Does anyone feel like I am pushing the receiver too hard? Is running the receiver at 0db too high a volume?
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10-11-2008 | Posts: 23
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Ok... Since I don't think I will get any more responses I will try to send the unit back for repair. I will keep you posted on the results.

Thank you for your help!
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10-11-2008 | Posts: 23,409
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Check all speaker wire and check for loose strands. Disconnect everything and then reconnect one speaker at a time and try it out. Could be wiring, speaker impedance or possibly a defective receiver.

Also look into a small fan to keep the receiver cool when your playing at high volumes. I have one for my receiver. Don't use the fan very often but it works well if I plan to crank my system for several hours. Its cheap and quiet too.
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10-11-2008 | Posts: 1,215
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almost everytime I get a receiver back from service at work, they end up redoing all the soldering. I asked a tech once about it and he said a few years ago they all started using a solder that was more eco friendly and it tends to have these type of issues quite often now compared to the past.
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10-11-2008 | Posts: 220
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Marantz has had some service bulletins on their AVRs running too hot. The fix is to replace numerous parts on the circuit board. I'm not sure if the 7001 is one of them.

If the unit in under warranty, you just have to pay for shipping. If its out of warranty, then Marantz bills you $55 for the labor and shipping in advance of the repair and you then you pay for part and labor of the repair later.

You just need to contact Marantz. Info is below.
Tech & Operational Support hours:
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET, M-F
Tel. 201-762-6666
Fax. 201-762-6687
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10-11-2008 | Posts: 387
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I have a 7001 in for repair right now because I would play it for a while and then turn it off it would just go dead and I would have to unplug it and let it sit for a while before it would work again. Mine never did get hot to the touch though even at -10 to -15 db listening sessions. I had a lot of room around it and was using 8ohm 92db sensitivity polk speakers.
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