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Jimbo31's Avatar Jimbo31 12:21 PM 01-01-2009
I've had this Denon 2808 for about a year now and have never been happy with the surround sound. I think this is merely because of my lack of ability to get everything configured and working correctly. Well, hopefully today is the day. I've read through many google searches and these forums and haven't found the solution

The most noticeable problem I'm having right now is that the center channel is not outputing voice, and voice is coming from all 4 of the other speakers. So I'm getting no directional voice channel.


Denon AVR-2808
LG LDA-511 (DVD Upscaling)
HDMI between LG and Denon
5.1 speaker setup.

I have it set to Input of HDMI1 with Auto Detect

It seems auto detect is detecting | PCM | DIG |

Mode displayed when on DVD is MULTI CH IN

I'm unable to use the "Standard" button to change the mode to DD PLII or any other setting, it always just stays at MULTI CH IN

I've tried changing the Manual...Options...Amp Assign to both Zone2 and 7.1, both give the same result. My guess is it's something to do with the decoding or lack of multi channel signal being sent by the DVD?

DVD is set to PCM output, I've also tested it with outputing Bitstream. Nothing changes.

I'm not sure if this is a receiver setup problem or a DVD setup problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


Kelvin1965S's Avatar Kelvin1965S 12:57 PM 01-01-2009
TBH it sounds more like a setup issue with your DVD player. I can send a PCM soundtrack to my 2808 from my BluRay player (if the disc in question supports it) and I definately get a centre channel output. Do you ever get a DD or DTS signal displayed on your 2808? If not then it sounds like you've got the audio settings on your player set to 'downmix' or similar or maybe output to 'PCM' instead of 'Bitstream'.

Hope that helps.
Jimbo31's Avatar Jimbo31 01:45 PM 01-01-2009
Maybe it's because the DVD I have playing doesn't support PCM? The DVD says Dolby Digital and DTS and THX.

The only time I get a DD signal displayed on the receiver is when I hook up the Coaxial Digital from my DVD player to the 2808. Even then, I feel the surround sound is not up to par. When Dolby Digital displays, the center channel seems to play considerably louder with voice of course, but the rear speakers and subwoofer loose considerable sound. It's like if I could join the PCM quality with the DD center channel I would be perfect.

I'll try to change my DVD output to PCM again and see how that sounds.

It almost seems like even with bitstream set, it continues to send the PCM signal over HDMI.
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