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06-17-2009 | Posts: 3
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Hello everyone,
Lately my Denon Receiver (788) is having problems that I am unable to resolve. Usually after prolong use of my system, my speaker starts to crackle and make loud popping noise. But now, whenever I turn on the receiver and use my XBOX 360 (connecting through HDMI) or my PC audio connected to the receiver, I get a crackling/ screeching noise immediately!

If anyone have any solution, please help! Thank you

The receiver is connected to my Energy C-100 speakers and a center CC-100.
Knucklehead90's Avatar Knucklehead90
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06-17-2009 | Posts: 7,457
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You used the term 'speaker' as opposed to the plural 'speakers'. So, is this noise coming only from one speaker?

If it is, swap the speakers and see if it is the same speaker or remains on that channel.

What you describe sounds like a driver that is not centered, causing it to rub against itself.
skysoblue's Avatar skysoblue
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06-17-2009 | Posts: 3
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Sorry about the confusion, all the speakers make the crackling and sometime popping noise at the same time.

It led me to believe that my receiver may be defective unless there is an alternative solution to fix this issue.
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07-11-2009 | Posts: 21
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I've just started having the same problem! Almost a year old on my Denon avr888 and I'm starting to get intermittent/transient static and or poping/crackeling sound. I called Denon and they helped me to reset the system and it hasn't happened since but I have a feeling it will come back. The Denon guy on the phone was very helpful and assured me I had a 2yr warranty on the unit. He also gave me the location of a service center near by I could take it to for warranty repair. I'm now just trying to figure out exactly how to make the static sound occure so it can be reproduced for the service tech.
Have you tried contacting Denon?
Nassau's Avatar Nassau
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07-13-2009 | Posts: 21
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The sound did come back so I'm gonna bring it in for service...hope they're able to reproduce the sound when they check it.
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