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Well...I've sold my house and I'm buying another house that will have a larger home theater. The bad news: in order to make the deal, the buyers of my home wanted my AVR507. So now I'm looking at reasonable replacements. I know I want 1.4 HDMI because I'll probably upgrade to 3D. I'm looking in the $2500 or less range. The B&K AVR707 is too expensive for me right now.

Please let me know what you've done. I'm looking at Pioneer Elite, Denon, Marantz, Onkyo and more. Suggestions?


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I got a B&K Reference 50 S2 for dirt cheap and I've used it with an Anthem PVA7 and Swan Diva 6.2 and other Swan Diva speakers in 5.1 for awhile. It sounded great, but I recently had the opportunity to audition an Integra DHC 80.3 and Anthem Statement D2. The Reference 50 S2 did not compare at all to the Integra or Anthem. I much preferred the Anthem although this older D2 does not do DTS-HD. The Integra had a better 5 channel representation than the B&K. I've found a lot of separation between channels with the B&K whereas the Integra had less, and the Anthem is the best of the bunch. The Anthem just seems to provide a complete, seamless wall of clear and detailed sound from all directions. I was very surprised how good it sounded with only my mediocre Swan speakers. It has gotten as close to making my Swans disappear as is likely possible given their pretty average abilities.

So that being said, I believe the Integra DTR 80.3 would be a good choice, or an Anthem AVR 700. I am really blown away by the increase in multi-channel quality that the Anthem has given me. I would suspect their AVR is going to give a similar increase in sound when compared to other B&K components.
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I posted #39 back in Feb 2010 about how i was pleasantly surprised at the sound quality of the Pioneer Elite SC-05 as the replacement to my AVR-507. I still use the SC-05 in my primary HT system and find the HDMI control and switching with Pioneer BDP-23 to my 60" Kuro to work flawlessly. I suggest auditioning the Pioneer Elites as a start. I'm still using my Ref 50 S2, now mated to a McCormack DNA HT5, in my second home theater room. My previous amp there was the B&K Ref 7250 series II but that had given me recurring intermittent trouble the past four years so I replaced it. Because I run Thiel speakers in both HT systems, I require robust amps that can handle dips below 4 ohms. The SC-05 has never disappointed me so far. The search for a replacement receiver that is a sonic replacement to the AVR-507 also has to take into account the speaker loads you will drive and the size of your new room.

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If anyone,s looking for ck1.2 keypads I have two I'm trying to get rid of as well as a ref 50 s2. PM me
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Hello, I'm a newcomer to the site, and I'd like to ask a question and get some advice.

I'm a proud owner of a B&K AVR 307, firmware version 2.05. I love the unit, I'm using an Oppo BDP-93 with analogue interconnects and the sound is fantastic. It fits my needs.

Lately though, the right rear channel will sporadically output white noise when the unit is in standby "sleep" mode. It sounds like wind blowing through an open window. Turning the unit on will cause the sound to stop. Unplugging it or pressing the hard power button will also stop the noise, although it lasts a minute before fading completely. I searched around this site, but I didn't find much on this issue. Currently I've "fixed" the problem by connecting the rear speakers to the "Surround Back" channels. (5.0 system on a 7.1 receiver) I'm fortunate to live 200 miles from Eastern Elite (former B&K employees), so shipping might be reasonable. I checked their labor rates and they seem OK.

Anyone have experience with this problem, or even better have you sent anything to Eastern Elite for service? Would you send it off for repair or just wait for it to die and replace it?

Edit: http://www.avsforum.com/t/408347/b-k-avr307-noise-question This thread looks like a similar problem, I will post here as well, thank you.
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