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bdowning's Avatar bdowning 07:37 AM 08-22-2009
  • Current system
  • Amp/Receiver Nakamichi AV-10
  • Front Dynaudio Audience 82 C120 82
  • Rear Dynaudio Audience 52 52
  • Subwoofer Dynaudio 30A

I want to upgrade the Nakamichi to basically just an Amp.
HTPC is responsible for Blu-Ray, DVD, Music, any/all codecs.
I want one HDMI cable from HTPC to Amp; I can't think of why I'd need more than one, but I'll take more since I doubt anyone makes only one.
I'll likely need Toslink and digital coax input, but that's all I can think of.

The HTPC is presently connected via HDMI to JVC-RS1 projector and Toslink to the AV-10.

I haven't been paying any attention to the audio component market since I bought the present audio system.

The Dynaudios are great and the only change will likely be to go from 5.1 to 7.1 adding sides.

I really need a new amp with much better surround capability.
What are the best manufacturers and models that fit for less than $1,000?


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