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guy_sparky's Avatar guy_sparky
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12-31-2011 | Posts: 7
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I don't mean to barge in . . . but can I post a request for user support on this forum?
My RX-V2065 has video drop out when passing HDMI. Audio is OK, but about once an hour the screen goes blank for 5 seconds or so. I've already flashed the latest firmware. Please excuse posting if not appropriate here. Specific support for this receiver is hard to find elsewhere.
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01-09-2012 | Posts: 6
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The Yamaha AV Controller app is free in the Android marketplace:

I can confirm it works on my HTR-6295.
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01-12-2012 | Posts: 4
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Originally Posted by guy_sparky View Post

I don't mean to barge in . . . but can I post a request for user support on this forum?
My RX-V2065 has video drop out when passing HDMI. Audio is OK, but about once an hour the screen goes blank for 5 seconds or so. I've already flashed the latest firmware. Please excuse posting if not appropriate here. Specific support for this receiver is hard to find elsewhere.

Are you using both HDMI outputs? I was when I first got the receiver, but gave up, as the picture blacked out regularly. Mine got so bad I had to take it to Yamaha, and they warranty replaced the HDMI switching board. It has been pretty good since then. Still blacks out for a few seconds occasionally, but not often. I replaced my RXV 2095 with this unit mainly for the HDMI switching. 4 in, 2 out. Awesome! Not.
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02-01-2012 | Posts: 1
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hi can someone help me, my on screen display no longer shows up on my tv and also cant see internet radio. any help would be much appreciated. thanks
mjdupre's Avatar mjdupre
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02-07-2012 | Posts: 14
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My RX V2065 no longer sees the PC shares on my network.
All my PC's are windoze 7. My TV, a Samsung, sees all PCs using the same network cable.
I've updated to the latest firmware using the network update so I know the receiver is on the network.

Any ideas ?
Piotann's Avatar Piotann
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02-15-2012 | Posts: 9
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Try and use the twonky media server. I just tried it and it worked. I have a laptop running win 7 and it is wirelessly connected to the receiver .Although i also have another wired connection.
Piotann's Avatar Piotann
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02-15-2012 | Posts: 9
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to shaga. As for the internet, You might consider doing an initialization for the network. see manual Advanced setup.
sotexpb's Avatar sotexpb
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02-20-2012 | Posts: 1
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I need help troubleshooting the problem with my RX-V2065, First of all some liquid spilled onto the unit and caused it to not power up or switch functions, this is a friends stereo so I am not familiar with how it functions correctly. I completely disassembled the unit and cleaned it and now it appears all is working but the front GUI display. I get sound when i randomly find the right input but nothing from the LCD, when powered on in dark room only the orange lines across the LCD dimly light up and the direct input blue led lights up when pressed. My question is what part do I need to fix the GUI display I can post pictures of the problem. The only short i noticed that could of occurred is from the thicker cable that runs from the Front operation 1 display board to the video operation board. 2 of the pins look like they may have sparked from the water. Besides the GUI not working all the buttons and functions work on the front. Any help or self diagnosis test I can run to specify the display problem would be much appreciated.
billygoat1983's Avatar billygoat1983
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11-11-2012 | Posts: 1
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My reciever also stop seeing the music on my computer. It was there one day and not the next. Did you solve the problem?
guy_sparky's Avatar guy_sparky
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01-26-2013 | Posts: 7
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Network Access Probems on RX-V2065 (latest firmware downloaded and installed)

My Issue:
I am unable to access my Music Library (MP3's) stored on my Network Attached Storage (NAS) server (Synology DS209-II) thru my Yahama RX-V2065 Receiver. I am able to "see" (display) all folders and files on the NAS drive (they are displayed bold white and NOT greyed-out) but as soon as I attempt to play ANY file, the RX-V2065 displays "Access Error". Ironically, I can browse to either my NAS or to my (Win-7 64-Bit) Desktop-PC from the receiver. If I alternately select my Desktop-PC, the 2065 will play all files stored on the PC perfectly. I have also verified that I can access and play all NAS data from both my desktop PC and my Android phone. Therefore, the problem must be something in the receiver or it's configuration settings. I'm certain that there are no network issues. The Yahama receiver is able to play all internet radio stations, etc. without issue. Simply, the Receiver can "see" all mp3 files on my NAS . . . . . it is simply unable to play them. Lastly, I have also tried to configure the Receiver with both DHCP and issuing it a static IP address. Problem persists either way. Anybody have a similar problem and/or solution?
guy_sparky's Avatar guy_sparky
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02-05-2013 | Posts: 7
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I finally resolved my issue. My issue was with my network, not my RX-V2065 settings.
guy_sparky's Avatar guy_sparky
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02-05-2013 | Posts: 7
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Several questions . . all related to Internet Radio.
Is the RX-V2065 network radio limited to ONLY the internet stations that are shown, or can the URL or IP addresses of other stations be added?
Along those lines, where is the database for the stations which are displayed located?
Is the list or database hard-coded in the Receiver or is there a master database someplace which the receiver interrogates?
guy_sparky's Avatar guy_sparky
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02-07-2013 | Posts: 7
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I have a Network Attached Storage drive (NAS) attached to my network router. All security is disabled on the NAS because it is on the secure side of my router.
I have a RX-V2065 receiver on another floor which prevents me from installing a Cat-6 cable between my router and the receiver.
I want to install a simple Ethernet Repeater between the receiver and my router but the receiver will NOT properly connect to the NAS thru an Ethernet Repeater.
All equpment on the network can be pinged from any location on the network without problems or error.

Has anyone SUCCESSFULLY installed an Ethernet Repeater between their RX-V2065 Receiver and their home network to access their music library on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device?
If so, HOW??? I've spend SEVERAL DOZEN HOURS over the past couple of years troubleshooting this problem.

Here's what I've done:
I've confirmed I can easily access Internet Radio Stations on the Receiver thru an Ethernet Repeater, therefore I know all of my network addressing is correct.
However, when I attempt to access my NAS (also thru the Ethernet Repeater), I get an "ACCESS ERROR" message from the RX-V2065 receiver.
The problem is NOT with any NAS configuration settings, because I can easily access the NAS with several Windows PC's (XP and Win-7) or even my Android smart-phones with wifi uplinked to my router.
I've verified this problem on three different Ethernet Repeaters. I've used two different LInksys/Cisco WAP54G units (re-configured as Ethernet Repeaters) and I've also tried an IO-Gear GWU627.
Thru any of them, I can easily play any Internet Radio station and I can easily "see" folders and files on my NAS.
However, when I attempt to PLAY any MP3 stored on the NAS, the Yahama receiver gives an "ACCESS ERROR" message.

In addition to pinging equipment, I"ve verified the Ethernet Repeater link is good by substituting the RX-V2065 for a couple of other hard-wired Ethernet Devices (X-Box, laptop computer with wifi radio disabled and a Wii game console).
They all work perfectly thru all three of the Ethernet Repeaters.

Only the Yahama receiver has problems operating thru an Ethernet Repeater and ONLY when accessing my NAS.
Lastly, if I bypass the Wireless Repeater link with a 75' Cat-6 cable stretched between the RX-V2065 and my router, it will play music off of the NAS flawlessly.

Certainly, somebody MUST have done this before !!
Mikolino's Avatar Mikolino
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03-13-2013 | Posts: 80
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Suddenly this amp refuses to play DTS HD Master ....

Have been hooked up to my htpc several months, but today it only plays/decodes dts, dolby digital and dd+, all other nice HD formats are gone!

Tried alot.

Using Power dvd 12! And when no disc is insert I can choose (as I always have been doing) Output: to high def extrenal dev... But as soon as I load a blu-ray that option dissapears and I´m stuck to standard dts..

Gone trough all settings in windows (that I can find) and all settings in the 2065 amp, nothing seems out of order!

Downloaded/installed (after sweeping all remains of drivers) the latest amd catalyst driver (to a 5670m gpu card)

tested every hdmi port on the amp, and both hdmi out!

I´m not getting anywhere with this....

pls help!
kriktsemaj99's Avatar kriktsemaj99
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03-13-2013 | Posts: 6,090
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I can't be sure but I would guess it's more likely to be a PC issue than a problem with the receiver. But make sure you try powering off the receiver to reboot the microprocessor (you have to unplug it, because the power button only puts it in standby).

To be sure if it's the PC or not, you could connect another device such as a Blu-ray player and see if you get HD audio (but you still have to be careful with the settings on the Blu-ray player to make it send an HD bitstream).
rymack's Avatar rymack
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05-16-2013 | Posts: 161
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Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get some help.

So ive had the HTR-6295 for a couple years now, but I recently moved and have finally set up a proper 7.1 system. I popped in Avengers on Blu-ray as it has a 7.1 DTS HD-MA track. It sounded great and all the speaker lights lit up on the front of my amp. Last night I had some family over to watch Star Trek (2009) to prepare for this weekend. The 5.1 Dolby TrueHD track sounded great, but no matter what button I hit on the remote (i.e. surround decode), I could NOT get the receiver to playback the 5.1 track as 7.1. Dolby PLIIx would not light up at all (i couldnt even select it). Later on I switched to my apple TV and I was able to use the surround decode button to choose all the various Dolby PLIIx formats, etc.

WHat am I missing here? How do I get this receiver to matrix 7.1 from lossless 5.1 track on Blu-ray?

(I am using a PS3 as my BD player; bitstream )

Thanks so much!

kriktsemaj99's Avatar kriktsemaj99
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05-16-2013 | Posts: 6,090
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Look for Extended Surround in the option menu, and set it to PLIIx instead of Auto. For 5.1 tracks you can't simply do it with the surround decode button like you can for stereo tracks (yes, it's confusing).
rymack's Avatar rymack
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05-16-2013 | Posts: 161
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Thanks so much! I will try it tonight after work.
Grendel18447's Avatar Grendel18447
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12-26-2013 | Posts: 5
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just got my rx-a2020 so its time to retire my rx-v2065
rymack's Avatar rymack
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01-17-2014 | Posts: 161
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Hey everyone, I was wondering if any of you are using the phono input on this unit, or whether I should consider a dedicated phono preamp instead. I just hooked up my brand new Rega RP1 to the phono input. The sound is great especially in pure direct, but I'm listening at 0db with a pair of Energy C500, and I'm a bit concerned with going higher than that for quieter recordings.

Any advice, input or whatever would be greatly appreciated!

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