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I bought the 919 about 3 weeks ago and noted it runs very hot on the top of the chassis.After looking thru the manual again,I noted the the recommended ventilation spacing is nearly two feet on top,one foot to each side and around six inches in the back...Having had several Pioneer receivers in the past,I noted that the only recommendation on venting was eight inches on the top.The best I can currently do for the 919 is about nine inches on the top, 1-2 inches on each side and about seven inches in the rear in an open-backed cabinet.I know the 919 and 1019 have internal fans but I don't believe I've heard it run unless it is very quiet and I've heard that both these receivers run pretty hot during normal operation...Does anyone know how realistic these airflow requirements are or has anyone actually had any overheating problems with these two receivers since they are closely related in terms of hardware?...I had thought about getting a small fan system that would sit on top of the receiver and suck hot air out.Anyone had any experience with them?
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I used an 80mm fan for many years with an HK AVR 520. It probably ran 20-30 deg cooler than without it. I used a variable voltage adapter and ran it on 5v - it was very quiet. Before I got the fan I would have burned the inner part of my arm if I laid on on the top - and thats with already good ventilation.

You can get ready made fans here.

The trouble with the internal AVR fans is they come on after the AVR gets hot.

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I took a low rpm 120mm computer fan and spliced it in to an old unused 12v power brick from a Sony Walkman. It sits atop my 919 and draws air up and out. The top has run cool as a cucumber ever since. The guts have to be running extremely cooler. What was Pioneer thinking?
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My 919's fan only runs if I'm pushing it fairly hard, and it usually turns off once the action on screen is over. I have to be listening hard to hear it sometimes, but often it'll keep going just long enough after the loud stuff for me to notice it's on. It's most noticeable when I'm running MCACC, because it will spin up even in anticipation of the test tones, or so it seems.

Personally, I'm getting sick of it - I'd rather have a big quiet fan that's on all the time than one that fires up when it wants to and then ruins several seconds of quiet playback afterwards. Methinks I'll grab a Smartstrip and run a 140mm fan on top of it - that should do the trick.
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Air flow and spacing requirement specified by manufacturers are VERY conservative in hopes that you will at least provide a few inches. My Onkyo 606 runs pretty warm, but I only have 2.5" above it, but the shelves are open on all sides and I've never had a heat issues.
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I think Pioneers and Onkyos require adequate ventilation. My 1019 and 807 get equally warm but not hot. Then again I have open shelves with 360 degree ventilation.

The Denon 590, on the other hand, barely registers any heat.
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I also have had cooling issues with my Onkyo TX-SR875, but bigger issue then that is that I run dual receivers.

Lead: TX-SR875. & Zone3: is Pioneer VSX-1014TX.

The 1014 sits directly on top of the 875 in the tower, and I monitor temperatures of each individually, as well as other equip.The 875 alone just under a normal load (watching tv) sits around 70.C, and the 1014 can do the same. so with in the two in operation it surpasses 140.C easily. and if I'm really driving them...well you get the point. I operate 9 cooling fans in my tower, and its just for the amps. 3 take air up out of the 875 and shoot it out the back, those fans are thin 3/4inch. and 6, 2inch fans that blow fresh room air over the top of the 1014, and out the back. they are all 12V fans, they are quiet and work amazing. now the temp runs at avg 33.C for each. thats a HUGE drop. Come winter i actually filter in outside air too. but that can get extreme. In all that i'm saying, run down to your local PC parts shop and get some pci card slot fans, that take the air up and out. like i said they are thin so you don't have to have massive gaps and they work well!

here is a pic incase your not sure
3w's . . .

p.s. if you begin to run alot of fans like i have, make sure you have a 12V power source large enough to supply them properly. I have a full 12V converter, thats capable of powering a fridge cooler. Its more then enough for me.

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