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10-10-2009 | Posts: 13
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I'd like to know if there's technology out there yet where I can EASILY connect my laptop to my receiver for the purposes of watching video. I have Denon 985 and 3808 receivers respectively. My laptop is a Vostro 1500 with S-video VGA and headphone inputs. I'd like to be able to connect once in a while, not permanently.

Is there an interface that I could permanently connect to the receiver where I could connect the laptop?

I'm imagining that I could go directly into my monitors (Panasonic TH 50 and 42 inch models) but they're wall mounted and I'd have to rig some cabling to the back of the monitors that would potentially be unsightly (hanging down the bottom?)
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You should be able to connect the s-video cable from your laptop into both of your AVRs. The 3808 has up-conversion from analog (s-video) to HDMI.

How is the 985 connected to your display? This is an older unit with s-video also - if you are connected through the composite to the display it may not be able to transcode between video input types - say from s-video to component or composite to s-video etc.

The audio connection will be easy - just plug in a 1/8" stereo jack that breaks out into male RCA on the other end and connect either receiver to the analog input that matches the video input.

Getting video connected to an AVR is the easy part - making it play nice with the receiver and display can be a headache.
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