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Originally Posted by robertomn View Post

I have one Projector connect thru HDMI Out port, and I'd like to connect a LCD and be able to choose wheter to see the projector or the LCD. I tried to connect the LCD using the Video COmponent OUT, but it didn't work.

Can anyone help me?



Get a HDMI splitter like this

Connect a HDMI cable from the receiver's HDMI out port to the INPUT port of the splitter, then one HDMI cable out from the splitter to your projector, another HDMI cable out from the splitter to your TV. Done.

Here's another one from Amazon

You're welcome!

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Can anyone offer any advice? Today after watching a film on my htpc I shut the computer down and then reduced the volume from -15 too -35 before changing sources back to my cable box. When I did this there was a big bang in the room and my TX-SR608 turned itself off with a flashing standby light.

Almost immediately I was able to turn the receiver back on and it seems to work fine, but should I be worried about something?

I try to set the audessy reference level based on the content I am listening too. Before a film I have it set to 0, so could switching to my cable box which is at a higher reference level cause this? I've never had this problem before.

I'm not sure if it's relevant, but I do have my receiver plugged in via a power conditioner.

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Please help!

Had a lightning storm at my house tonight and the power went off once. I get no picture off my receiver now. I've done a direct connection to my projector to make sure that it was fine. The projector is totally fine as is the connection and port in the equipment closet.

A BD, cable box, and xbox are hooked up to the receiver. I can hear audio on the cable box and xbox input with no video, and cannot hear audio off the BD input with no video. I just have the projector's black screen saying "no signal".

I have tried the "hold VCR and click Stand-by" reset and it does not work.

If anyone can shed some light on this I would really appreciate it. I'm really hoping the storm did not fry the HDMI board.
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No picture (sometimes)

This is a pretty similar problem to the previous one. My problem is this. After coming home after a storm (relevant? idk), there was no signal. I thought maybe the cable was out and gave it most of the afternoon and then still nothing. The bluray and cable box are hooked up via HDMI and neither work but the audio for the Wii works fine as does the radio. I hooked the cable HDMI directly to the tv and got video but no sound. And what I found really funny is while everything was originally setup when my roommate unhooked the HDMI out from the cable box, the bluray signal came on. So it seems everything works individually but they no longer function together any more. Thoughts on this please. Is it the receiver? I originally thought it was till the bluray signal worked.
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Hi! I have an Onkyo 608 that has been flooded with coffee (or something else). The HDMI board was damaged by the leaking and I cleaned it with pure alcohol, but nothing. Today I decided to make some measurements and the big problem that I found was this - no 12 volts to the intput of the 5 Volts regulator

The problem is that I can't find where from is this voltage going to the 5V regulator. I downloaded the service manual, but with no luck - still can't see the trace. I will measure the 1.2 and 3.3 Volt regulators tomorrow to see if there is damage.

The only reason that I want the HDMI is to Sync my TV with the receiver, so I could use only one remote.

I'll be thankful for more information about my problem - what should I measure to see if it's working. I want only to get the Lip Sync function works. Thanks! is offline  
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