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Originally Posted by zordon View Post
Hi I'm getting very confused on how to set up ARC return or what to expect.

My understanding is
Sky connected to AV receiver.
AV receiver connected to TV.
Whatever is displayed on TV (I.E smart Tv) will be heard on AV reciever.

My set up is as follows.

Sky connected via HDMI to Av Receiver HDMI2.
HDMI out connected to TV.
TV and AV reciever set to ARC.
Reciever HDMI Control on.

Odd thing is is that the HDMI menu has a TV audio input setting and i can select AV1 etc.

I was under the impression that i only need to connect a HDMI lead to the TV, is this not the case?

I find it a bit hit and miss in that i can get audio on the receiver but not from the tv. Or i can play with the settings and get the audio from the TV smart functions but not from the sky.

Can someone advise what connections should i have set up on this receiver to get this working correctly?

At one point i switch on the TV via the TV remote. The receiver comes on ok as does sky and tv and there is sound. A few seconds later the AV receiver clicks and displays AV4 and the sound cuts off. I have to press HDMI 2 to get sound back.


Your initial setup was correct. Setting your TV to AV1 is purely a software setting, you dont actually have to to connect cables from your tv to AV1. Just the HDMI on the ARC channel between your tv and receiver will allow you to have sound from both sources. Just have to make sure HDMI controls are set to on via both the AVR and Tv.

Secondly, your tv will always switch the AVR back to the TV's sound after the HDMI handshake is done; every time the power is turned on to one of the devices. That is just the way HDMI control functions. It sucks, most of us get around it with a logitech controller.

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I think if the receiver is changing inputs automatically, it may be something trigger by the HDMI-Control. I've had better luck with using an optical/TOSlink cable to output the TV's audio to the receiver. I tried HDMI-ARC but it was too finicky. If you have the ability to use TOSlink/optical I would recommend that and save yourself a headache.
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Hey guys, quick question. I have an RX-V667 that I've had for a couple of years now. I never had an issue with it until about a week ago. I tried turning it on and it would turn off immediately. After a few tries it wouldn't turn on at all. I was able to get it to turn back on by holding down the Main Zone, Tone Control, and Info buttons together. When it came back up it gave me the message "PS PRT : L 2" and won't let me change any settings or anything. I turn it off and try to turn it back on, and it goes back to cycling off immediately.

I should note that this started with everything plugged in, but I have since unplugged every connection and I still have the same issue. Is this a problem with the power supply? Is there any way to repair this without taking it in to Yamaha? If not, is it even worth it to pay to get this repaired when comparable units can be had for ~$200-250? Any idea on the repair costs involved?

Thanks for any help you guys can give me!
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[quote gdigital]
I haven't read through all 133 pages, but has anybody had their hdmi out output go bad? A couple months ago the video started going black for a second or two, then would come back on. This happened a couple times a week, nothing big, but enough to pique my interest.

I've had the same components plugged in for a long time (ps3, ps4, Directv box). When i added a Chromecast last week it seemed to make the video cutout worse, so i unplugged the Chromecast, but it was still cutting out just as often. I've switched hdmi-in cables, and swapped out the hdmi out cable with no luck, and bypassed the receiver altogether, basically narrowing it down to the receiver's out port.

I've also tried resetting to factory defaults (no luck)

Everything else works, except hdmi out. I'm looking at replacing it with either the RX-V675 or the A-830, or possibly an Onkyo TX-NR727.

I've always been a Yamaha guy (my RX-V1000 is still going strong, and it's 15 years old).

Any other suggestions for a possible fix to this?

Any advice on which receiver to get? The Onkyo and Yamaha a830 are the same price on amazon ($499). The rx-v675 is $399.

Thanks in advance. [/quote]

[quote Kyu14]
Mine has the same issue.seems like it happens irregularly,sometime it miight flash(like no signal for a second or two and then back) right after I connect the hdmi, but sometimes it happens after I watch movie through it for almost 10 hours , I have tried flashing the firmware and the problem seems to appear more frequently for some version and less for some Right now I m using 2.11 firmware which seems less severe.I have tried several Hdmi cables and tested it on a HDTV and a PC monitor ,but has the same issue , flashing must be occurring after using it for a period of time. I went through a diagnostic test as described in the diagnostic manual , and found out some test did not pass , which has somehing to do with the video chips . my machine was bought as used from ebay , so My guess is that some chip is aging, but not really sure , the problem is very peculiar, Anybody has any ideas?[/quote]

Status update:

I ordered the RX-A830 to replace the 667 and its wonky HDMI. Loved it, but after 6 months, its HDMI board went out. The receiver would turn on, but nothing else, not even a toslink-connected cd player would play audio through it. I contacted Yamaha and sent it in for service (the A series have 3 year warranties). Got it back, worked great until 2 weeks later, the same thing happened. Talked to Yamaha again, they told me to send it to them directly and they'd replace it with the newer model RX-A840.

It's been only a week with the new unit, it's an outstanding receiver, so knock on wood, hopefully it stays that way.

Regarding the 667 and a830, I wonder if those model years had some HDMI teething issues or something. The 667 still won't display HDMI, but all the other inputs/outputs work, so I had to dig through old drawers for unused toslink and digital coax cables, and connect devices directly to the TV for video.

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Going on 3yrs for my unit (667). Thank goodness it's still going strong. And...I push it hard watching movies. Because of my cooling fans, I 'do' get that..."What's that Smell?"...once-in-awhile. heh Electronics can be such a pita at times, for sure. Especially when one or two internals go out. We're not all equipped with troubleshooting stuff needed to isolate the dilemma.
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Hello everyone

I buy a yamaha v677 and plug it into a transformer 220 volts to 110 volts; The equipment worked for about 10 minutes and then turn off, now the POWER button flashes but not turned on. I understand that I put a larger transformer, 500 watts, as I can for no flashing reset and restart the equipment?

is very urgent!!!!

thank you
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