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Receivers, Amps, and Processors > The Official Integra DHC-80.2 Pre/Pro Thread's Avatar 07:31 PM 02-12-2014
For those of you who were out of warranty or bought it second-hand and had it fixed at a repair center, do they actually replace it with a newer HDMI chip? In other words, does the problem stay fixed?
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Lear31Pilot's Avatar Lear31Pilot 09:48 AM 02-14-2014
@raukuen I bought the 80.2 back in November, 2010. I experienced the same issues that others have reported and sent my unit in for repair in June, 2013. Well, just yesterday, my repaired unit started to fail again - exactly the same issue. I spoke with Intergra's customer service and although the unit is technically out of warranty (by 2.5 months), they have asked for more information to determine whether or not they will cover the repair... So, the answer to your question, at least in my experience, is that it is not a permanent fix...
donato's Avatar donato 10:50 AM 02-14-2014
I'm on my second repair as well. That being said, the first repair lasted a couple years (sad commentary that I think lasting only 2 years was a good thing), just long enough to push the second repair outside of my warranty. So far so good at least these last few months...
fscottwhite1's Avatar fscottwhite1 12:38 PM 02-16-2014
@ Talking Rain

Congrats on ur 80.2! Here's a suggestion for you. Hit the home button on ur remote. It will give you a menu. Go into audio and you can add more bass from the various setting parameters for each speaker. Dial in what is to your best liking. Finally under the same audio menu, scroll to Dynamic EQ and set to "On" and scroll down to Dynamic volume and set to "Light." This works best in my configuration. I hope this helps.

Cheers!!!'s Avatar 01:57 AM 02-17-2014
Do they give you a 2 year warranty after repair only if you bought the unit from a dealer? I bought mine from Audiogon, I believe. And I was thinking too that this was going to be the last processor I buy because there's no other audio-related feature I could possibly need. I guess there's no escape from the hobby once you're in. Now if there are any similarly functional models without any flaws...
carstereoguy1's Avatar carstereoguy1 06:50 PM 03-18-2014
im from canada and my 80.2 is almost out of warranty no problems yet my question is does anybody in canada know how much a hdmi board repair will cost if it happens after warranty or should i dump it
VinnyS's Avatar VinnyS 12:42 PM 04-01-2014
Originally Posted by carstereoguy1 View Post

im from canada and my 80.2 is almost out of warranty no problems yet my question is does anybody in canada know how much a hdmi board repair will cost if it happens after warranty or should i dump it

Hi carstereoguy1, I just got mine back from a repair shop in Montreal. It cost me about 365$ with labor. I was out of warranty. The cost was too low for me to swap to another pre-pro. rolleyes.gif
VinnyS's Avatar VinnyS 12:47 PM 04-01-2014
BTW, I just got mine back from repair and not sure if anyone else noticed but it seems as though I have to re-calibrate my system. I'm setup with Front Wide's and my left speaker is super low. Here's the funny thing, when I'm listening to 2ch audio in direct, L+R seem balanced. When I switch the preset to Stereo, the R speaker is much louder.

Also, I watched a movie after getting back and the voices were very faint. I'm going to try and re-calibrate it. Not sure if changing the HDMI board messed up all the calculations and settings of Audyssey or what. I wouldn't think so. Just curious to hear about others experiences.
carstereoguy1's Avatar carstereoguy1 06:36 PM 04-01-2014
what repair shop wa it and i was talking to integra and they said that they would offer a one time repair free of charge even out of warranty how old was yours and bring it back to repair shop something isnt right thanks
VinnyS's Avatar VinnyS 08:51 AM 04-02-2014
Originally Posted by carstereoguy1 View Post

what repair shop wa it and i was talking to integra and they said that they would offer a one time repair free of charge even out of warranty how old was yours and bring it back to repair shop something isnt right thanks

Mine was purchased from a dealer on Audiogon - Refurb'd. I didn't bother calling Integra as I knew what the issue was. I brought it to a local shop in Montreal called NDG Repair. They work on McIntosh and many Integra units but was VERY dissappointed with their service. If your in Montreal, CAPRI is the official and all time best place to get it fixed.
carstereoguy1's Avatar carstereoguy1 06:12 PM 04-02-2014
how long before the faillure and what was the signs before it failled
atkatana's Avatar atkatana 05:05 AM 04-03-2014
Mine took a little under 2 years to fail. I want to say 18 months maybe a bit longer as I had convinced myself I must be out of the woods. Don't think you are good simply because it has held up this long. My first sign was no sound from my cable box which is a direct HDMI feed for both picture and sound. My DVD at the time used spdif out to the integra and as I recall went direct to the TV and worked fine. After cycling the box and the unit a couple times I got sound back and said ohhh... well must be my cable..... Happened 2 or three more times over the next week each event a bit worse as I recall it took longer and longer to get things back up and running.....and then one day there was no recovery no matter what.... if it went in HDMI or came out HDMI I had no sound..... within an hour I also had no picture no menu access and so within about a week it was packed up and heading off to be fixed. It did take some time and effort to get to Integra get the normal questions answered, serial number did I have an original receipt that sort of thing but once past the basics they were very quick and very professional. I was told that my unit by serial number was part of the overall batch that was known to have problems and I was also told it was indeed the HDMI board that failed. I will not fault them for trying to hide what was going on.

If it seems off and it seems to be with all things HDMI then you likely have a board problem but you really do need to check it out. Yes they fail and by all accounts they failed a lot, but they are not always the problem.

I have had mine back about a 18-24 months now and to date I have had a couple minor problems One that turned out to be the HDMI cable and it looked very much like it got stepped on or bent while trying to get it into the back of my unit. New cable provider and when he put in the new box I suspect he stepped on the old cable. It started with a lot of handshake problems on cable content within an hour of his leaving the house and I have to admit my first thought was here we go again, but I was wrong...... So before you assume its got to be the board do check the normal sort of things out, is it just one source, is it just a loose cable, I really thought I was going to have to send mine back in, but at this point I have 4 good HDMI only based sources (an Oppo, PS3 and a PC as well as the cable box) and all others worked fine with no issues so I narrowed it down to one bad cable. Integra will likely ask you to verify these things before you return so you might just as well try um first.

Mine is pushing 3.5 years and is out of original warranty but if the HDMI board does go again I expect Integra will either repair it or offer some sort of break on the effort. I did buy mine from a dealer I did provide a copy of the receipt when I sent it in and my serial number is now on file in their NJ facility as having the board replaced and that does seem to carry some weight with them. If you fall into what they know was the original bad batch via serial number you tend to get express service or at least I did compared to some stories I have heard..... Door to Door it was out of my hands just under 10 business days. As I recall they did promise to repair again if it went but I do not recall if it was for 1 year or 2 and at this point I understand from several posts that the replacement boards are either in short supply or can be at times. Even so based on my experience I would suggests as I have before either buy from a dealer or make sure the board has been serviced before you buy used. If I get a good 4 years out of the unit I will be happy and would likely buy again from Integra even with this known issues this was a lot of device for the money and in my book 4-5 years is about as long as one can reasonably expect a HT unit to keep pace. As someone above stated once you are in you are sorta in for the ride.
MCaugusto's Avatar MCaugusto 07:38 AM 04-04-2014
My 2 1/2 year-old Integra DHC-80.2 bought refurbished with full 2 year warranty from Onkyo started showing the classic signs of the HDMI board failure about 2 months ago, and things just deteriorated from there,
My best friend's Onkyo receiver purchased 3 years ago upon my recommendation had the same problem show up right before my unit and he took it to a local repair station that essentially charged him $30 just to inform him they could not fix the problem, so he emailed the closest Onkyo repair station in upstate NY and was told the repair would cost no more than $175; He shipped the unit and a few days later got the news the repair would cost him at least $300 plus return shipping charge, at which point he told them not to bother and do whatever they wanted with the unit. All of that for a receiver that cost him barely more than $400 offering excellent features such as Audyssey MultEQ XT and Marvell Qdeo video processing chip.
Based on his experience i decided to email the person whom appears to be the "point man" at Onkyo in charge of handling owners having problems with HDMI boards, Jose Torres ( ), and asked him how to best proceed with repairing my unit considering my friend's experience, that all i expected was a repair charge not much higher than $300 at a reasonable 2 ~3 weeks repairing time. He immediately emailed me back asking me for a copy of the receipt (originally emailed to me years ago and not available any longer) and serial number of unit, which i did and Jose emailed me back within 1 hour informing me he had arranged to have my unit serviced free of charge at the nearest authorized Onkyo repair station and to expect a call or email from them soon !
I was very/very impressed how quickly and decisively he took care of my concern, the consideration shown as my unit was already out of warranty and i had already expressed my willingness to pay for the repair and the fact that we emailed back and forth several times without any time concerns from his part, considering what i imagine is his very busy job position at Onkyo.
I certainly feel that Jose Torres in representing Onkyo / Integra brands the way he did in my situation went above and beyond what i expected and he must be commended for it : how many reps from consumer electronic companies show that kind of consideration toward customers with out of warranty units needing repairs ?
Jose told me he is there to help any owners of Onkyo / Integra receivers and A/V processors having these HDMI board failures and that anyone may contact him directly at his email address listed above.
BTW, right before i packaged my DHC-80.2 for shipment i noticed that "NETWORK" and "FIRMWARE UPGRADE" on the "HARDWARE SET UP" menu were greyed out, not available any longer; Three weeks ago i did a full firmware download/installation without any problems, my direct ethernet connection to router has not changed and internet connection is fine in desktop computer, so it appears that another problem had cropped up with my unit....Hope it will come back in fine working condition without any HDMI issues, including some that i lived with since installing the unit : often times my computer connected directly to the DHC-80.2 by HDMI cable would refuse to turn on until i physically pulled the cable from the input connection AND my cable box never / ever worked with the DHC-80.2 via HDMI direct connection, i had to use component cable connection...
PS : Got my unit back from repairs yesterday, one week after shipment, and everything is back to perfect working condition.
I think a turnaround of 7 days for repairing such "finicky" A/V processor like these Onkyo / Integra top-of-the-line units is OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE and both Jose Torres and the company in Massachusetts that repaired my unit, Pinnacle Service Solutions, deserve a lot of credit; They even double-boxed the unit for return shipping !
I have had many/many pieces of home electronics repaired over the past 40 years of purchasing A/V equipment and the fastest turnaround i experience is about three weeks including shipment back and forth - longer for ground shipping from California to East Coast which takes about one week.
After this experience my faith in Onkyo / Integra customer care and warranty has been completely renewed, re-established, reaffirmed.
lefthandluke's Avatar lefthandluke 06:46 PM 05-23-2014
last week my 80.2 began acting buggy...again. by sunday it was rendered useless by the hdmi gremlin...again.

by this time i know the symptoms...and i know the routine

monday morning i found my receipt along with the 2nd repair invoice (yes, this was about to be my 3rd repair) and noticed that my 3 year warranty had expired on FRIDAY!

i cussed and whined, then cussed and whined some more

after work that day i stopped at my dealer to tell my tale of woe. i honestly had started checking out 500 buck receivers with pre-outs at best buy to use in the interim.

the short version...

my dealer faxed my paper work to onkyo on monday, i boxed up my 80.2 on thursday and dropped it off at my dealer...

tonite (friday) i picked up a new B stock unit complete with a new 2yr warranty...

i opened the box and it honestly looks like a new unit...manual, mic, remote, cable, batteries, antenna...i am really impressed

heres to hoping all goes well with this unit...but for now i am happy and impressed with how integra (and my dealer) stepped up
lefthandluke's Avatar lefthandluke 03:35 AM 05-26-2014
all hooked up and working great...

for the time being.

at the risk of sounding like a pessimist, i gotta admit i don't have much confidence that this unit will remain bug-free...

here's to hopin'...
Johnla's Avatar Johnla 02:23 AM 05-27-2014
Not that I'm trying rain on your good fortune at getting a replacement from them. But I would not count on that replacement B-stock unit to also have a 2 year warranty, as usually whenever you get replacement unit the warranty does not begin again from the beginning, and instead it only has whatever time remains on your original units warranty. And seeing as how you were already past your time but they gave you a "good will" replacement of a B-stock unit, it's highly unlikely that it also has a 2 year warranty on it.
lefthandluke's Avatar lefthandluke 05:06 PM 05-27-2014
it actually has a new two-year warranty...over and above the original three-year of my first unit
wse's Avatar wse 01:50 PM 06-25-2014
Does anyone has DHC-80.6 pictures and information?
atkatana's Avatar atkatana 05:42 AM 06-29-2014
I have looked and looked but have not been able to find an answer and I my setup will not let me test easily. I have a balanced setup for all speakers and my sub. I am bringing in a new sub and while its only RCA in..... I am not a fan of adapters or cables that are say XLR to RCA although I have ordered one just in case.

My question is simple.... are the XLR and RCA outs both live? Can I mix and match? When I go back in to setup will it check for a connection on both or once it finds a connection for the LRC on teh XLR outs will it assume that its all coming off the XLR connections. Love my old sub but its getting long in the tooth and is better setup for music anyway so it will go to the 2 channel system. The new sub is a beast but rca l/r or LFE in is all I got to work with.

Anyone doing this now with the 80.2 and or anyone find where its documented I have not been able to track down a clear answer.
Talking Rain's Avatar Talking Rain 10:03 AM 06-29-2014
Can't speak for the other channels but I know both the XLR and RCA Sub outputs are active. I use the XLR outputs for my two Velodyne Subs and the RCA outputs for the Amps that drive my tactile transducers. Works as expected. Both active but not controlled separately.
Cal68's Avatar Cal68 12:49 PM 11-08-2014
Hi All

I'm trying to play some 2-channel music from a USB stick in my Oppo BDP-105 through my Integra 80.2, but the audio comes out as "All Channel Stereo". I've tried setting everything that I can see to "Direct", but the music is still coming as All Channel Stereo. What do I need to do to get a particular input to output as 2-channel stereo?

Thanks for your help.
chris431's Avatar chris431 11:36 PM 11-18-2014
Yet another 80.2 owner (purchased 1/2012) beset with the well known HDMI board failure. In addition to no audio (on any input), the ethernet/network option has also failed (as others have also experienced). Yippeee....will contact Onkyo tomorrow to determine how to proceed.
Roy Boy's Avatar Roy Boy 05:30 PM 01-09-2015
I just purchased a used DHC 80.2 to replace my DTC 9.8. I am having one issue. I seem to be getting no output on the XLR Sub 1 or Sub 2 output. I am using a Crown XTI-2000 to drive a pair of passive 15" subs so I really need to us the XLR connection.
I have configured the speaker settings as both 1and 2 subs and tried both Sub 1 and Sub 2 XLR outputs. I also tested the XLR cable which was good. The RCA Sub 1 and Sub 2 outputs are working. Are you aware of any configuration option that might disable these XLR Sub outputs? The person I bought it from is willing to refund my moiney...Before I did that I wanted to make
sure there was not something I was doing wrong. Thanks in advance for any advice.
mlknez's Avatar mlknez 02:27 PM 01-10-2015
Originally Posted by wse View Post
Does anyone has DHC-80.6 pictures and information?
You don't want one.
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