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01-16-2011 | Posts: 13
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has anyone considered the Marantz sr 7005 vs the Onk 3008? Thats what im doing right now. The Prices are comparable.
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02-07-2011 | Posts: 456
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Originally Posted by Chad T View Post

Thanks for the review. I am a new 3008 owner as well and it is good to hear other impressions. A few comments after reading your review:

--I also have my equipment rack at the back of the room and I can *so* relate to your comments on the OSD. I'd been using an Onkyo 805 (no HDMI OSD) for almost 3.5 years and I've got so used to craning my head around to check volume level and so forth that I was still doing it with the 3008 and I had to stop and say to myself, "hey dummy, you don't have to do that anymore." Ha!

--I updated firmware via USB and it was totally easy. Once I got the files on the USB drive, it only took a couple minutes to actually do the update. When you say 30 minutes, did that include the whole process or did it take that long once the USB drive was connected to the receiver?

--I timed Audyssey and I can do the positioning/measurements for 7 speakers and dual subs in about 15 to 20 minutes, then the calculation only takes 5 minutes. So about 20 to 25 minutes total.

--Just curious, when you ran Audyssey, did you make changes/tweaks in the Speaker setup menu? I changed my speakers to a 80hz crossover setting. As far as trim levels, I was surprised how low they were. I bumped each trim exactly 5db so as to not change the relative trim settings. Then I bumped each sub an additional 3db as I like my subs to be a little hot. This gave me the same "reference" level that I got with my 805. I am trying to figure out why this was necessary. It makes me wonder if my tweaks got the receiver to actual reference. Or if "reference" was actually higher than what it should have been on my 805.

--As far as Audyssey mic positions and so forth, I just watched this video recently and it gives a lot of good tips:


--I am also noticing enhanced clarity with all channels including the surrounds. I first thought this was due to Dynamic EQ, but I turned it off and the clarity was still there. This has to be due to Audyssey XT32. I have a disc of demo scenes that I have watched hundreds of times. I was hearing detail in some of those scenes that I've never heard before!

--Interesting that your 3008 has the sticker on the front. I'm happy mine didn't come with one, but my 805 did so I thought it was odd. Appears Onkyo is inconsistent in that regard.

--As far as lip sync delay, I hardly ever mess with that, but it is nice from time to time. On prior Onkyo receivers, it could be pulled up on the fly by holding down the source button for a few seconds. But I just tried and that doesn't work on the 3008. ?

That ended up being a review within a review. Sorry about that!

Hey Chad, like you did before I have an 805 and I'm considering upgrading to a 3008/5008. Could you give me some insight on the differences sound wise between the 805 and the 3008. Thanks.
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02-21-2011 | Posts: 189
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Crazy question. Fairly new to media room and stuff. Noticed the new onkyo ( I am looking at the 3008) has 1.4a HDMI. it will still handle the old 1.3, right? I don't have 3D. Maybe in the future but not soon.

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03-04-2011 | Posts: 666
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Yes, the 3008 (and, most other AVRs, as far as I know) will have no trouble with HDMI 1.3, it will negotiate and drop back automatically depending on the capabilities of the source and display.

Originally Posted by wouldtoo View Post

Crazy question. Fairly new to media room and stuff. Noticed the new onkyo ( I am looking at the 3008) has 1.4a HDMI. it will still handle the old 1.3, right? I don't have 3D. Maybe in the future but not soon.


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03-04-2011 | Posts: 2,759
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It is all the way downward compatible to prior version.
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03-14-2011 | Posts: 301
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I'm moving from an Onkyo 707 to a higher level receiver/pre-pro and am considering ALL the units being discussed here. I've read your very good review of the 3008.

Have you heard any relay clicking noises from the Onkyo 3008 when the unit changes from an analog source to a digital source? My lower level Onk has that condition and I haven't been able to eliminate it. Thanks.
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03-28-2011 | Posts: 666
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Sorry, I just saw your question. And, unfortunately, I can't answer it. I only have one source (HTPC), so I never hear any clicking when going from one type of input to another. I think that there is a light click going between speaker setups (for example, sending a stereo signal and then moving to a Prologic signal), but, frankly, I'm really not 100% sure, all my gear is in a closet behind me, I can't really hear much out of there!

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