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Originally Posted by DragonSarc View Post
Hi all!!! quick question I also have the Denon X4300H which upgraded from 3808Ci and have a high sensitive speaker system (DT BP7000, clr3000 and BPVX/P x4 surrounds) it sounds great, so what is the advantage of getting a more powerfull amp (ive been thinking of getting the Monolith 7x200 watts input sensitivity 1.6v ) rather using just the receiver? thanks
None. You would be much better served adding a dedicated sub (eg. SVS PB2000) or better yet, two subs into your setup to really wake it up.
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I will let you guys know how my latest purchases went . I just upped my power from 200 watts a channel to 300... Let me explain . I burnt up a mid range woofer in my Ascends Towers last weekend . I have been smelling them getting hot for the last several spirited concerts . Every few weekends, I invite a few folks over and we watch a concert . Last weekend it was the Pretenders @ LA and Eagles Farewell tour. I like to listen at about 112 or 113 db, as that is where my 5 Ascends, Raal Towers Horizon, And Sierra 2' sound best ( to me). The room actually sounds BETTER than a live concert . At least that's what everyone tells me.. and I agree.. I have 2 PSA 18's as my subs . Amp was a Outlaw 7500 200 x5 wpc.. Room is 16x24 with 9 foot ceilings . After talking to Dave @ Ascend, he explains at my 9.5 feet distance , I would need considerable more power to sustain that volume without any issues ... So I ordered a ATI 6005 . I'm going to have to run another power outlet as it has 2 power cords and ATI wants 20 amp dedicated circuits. Dave cautions me to monitor my settings and try to keep it around 110 db ,as he says even with 300 watts , that is about the max he would suggest .. Maybe with this much headroom, 110 will have the dynamic range and impact of what 113 used to sound like ... I'll keep you posted ... Unit is in transit ...
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Originally Posted by garygarrison View Post
Well, your speakers have an interesting design, and I'm not surprised that they sound great! Most of the power demands are in the bass, where I think you have a built-in amplifier in the DT BP7000s -- do you? I assume it is sufficient. I'm curious about the crossover point to the built in sub, and the slope. Also, how big is your room, how close do you sit, and how loud do you like it?

As you may know, AVR specs are not held to as high a standard as separates, in most cases. So, your AVR amps are rated at 125 watts per channel into 8 Ohms with just two channels operating. With all channels operating at the same time, you will get less power for each channel. A rule of the thumb used to be approx. 80%, but I don't know if that is still true, or is true with Denon. 80% would be 100 watts, so, in reality, if rated the same way separates are, you may have 100 watts per channel. On the one hand, a reduction of 20 % almost certainly won't make an audible difference. On the other hand, if the Monolith is rated at 200 w.p.c. with all channels operating [and the Monoprice ad says it is] that would be 3 dB more than the probable 100 watts of the Denon. Hopefully the Denon has pre-outs? While the powered sub in the DTs does the heavy lifting, some of the bass impact (the "smack" of a beater) can be as high as 100 to even 200 Hz, above the typical sub crossover. IMO, you should be able to reach the 105 dB full scale of Reference level for movies, for your "above sub" frequencies with either the Denon or the Monolith, with a 92 dB (moderately high) sensitive speaker. The sub needs to put out 115 dB, so I hope DT has allowed for that. If you are rolling in money, I'd get the Monolith (or equivalent) for the probable extra 3 dB, just for the psychological benefit.

Before you run Audyssey, see the Audyssey FAQ "Audyssey FAQ Linked Here"in this AVS Forum's Official Audyssey Thread, Part II, and raise any questions there. It is a great help. I love what Audyssey does, but most people turn up their sub a bit after Audyssey calibration. This is to conform to the average preference curve that Harman and others have found.

Best of luck!
Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post
None. You would be much better served adding a dedicated sub (eg. SVS PB2000) or better yet, two subs into your setup to really wake it up.

Greatly appreciate for the reply Gary and JD, I tired to find the specs for the subs crossover but I cant find it, i do have 2 additional subs (Elemental Designs A7-450) which gives me enough bass well over the reference level which I do occasionally (maybe 1 or 2x a year) when doing a demo with my friends, but every time I would watch a movie or concert I would like the volume at least around 80db, my room is 10x25x9 and the avr amp does fill it up really well, Im just curious if i am missing anything with a more powerfull amp, Ill probably get the monolith when the dough rolls in next year its always looks good on paper but its even more awesome when you hear and feel it.

also thanks for the Audyssey link, I do have to turn 2 of the ED subs off when running audyssey to get the right set up and curve and turn it back on after the set up.

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