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contentedbloke's Avatar contentedbloke 01:20 AM 01-04-2011

I have my HTPC (video is ATI HD 5850 card running at 720P/60Hz) connected to my receiver which is an Onkyo TX SR 605 through HDMI. I also have my DVD player and SD cable TV set top box connected to my onkyo through component. The output from the receiver is connected to my 480p projector through HDMI.

My problem is that when I connect my PC, I get a severe brightness flicker at random. This happens at random, then becomes all right, then starts over again. Its very noticeable and irritating. I thought the problem was with my projector, but when I play TV or DVD the brightness is constant and perfect. This problem seems to do something with the HTPC and receiver I guess. I have used the same HDMI cables for connecting all the devices.

Can anyone throw light on this issue? Is it because of catalyst drivers, or a handshaking issue with the Onkyo or anything else? I have posted this in the HTPC section also, as I don't know where the problem arises.

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