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jlpeterson's Avatar jlpeterson 01:04 PM 02-08-2011
I have 4, 16-ohm cheap AIWA speakers that I would like to hook up to a Pyle PCA4 amplifier (speakers will be wired in parallel for 8-ohm output and connected to the speaker terminals on the back of the amp).

I also have an HD DVR, an old DVD player, and an LCD TV (LG 42LD550). do I hook everything up? The PCA4 only appears to have one RCA input...what hooks into this input?

Thank you!!

jtbell's Avatar jtbell 01:18 PM 02-08-2011
If the TV has enough inputs, and an RCA-type stereo audio output, I would connect the DVR and the DVD player directly to the TV's inputs, and the amp to the TV's audio output. Leave the sound turned off on the TV's speakers.
jlpeterson's Avatar jlpeterson 01:41 PM 02-08-2011
The DVR is currently hooked up to the TV via HDMI. The DVD player is currently hooked up to the TV using composite cables.

From the looks of my TV's specs, the only audio out is digital, which the Pyle amp does not have an input for. I did notice, however, that the TV has a headphone jack on the side of it. Would it be possible then to get a 3.5mm/RCA audio cable and hook the TV to the amp that way??
MichaelJHuman's Avatar MichaelJHuman 04:22 PM 02-08-2011
You might be able to drive an amp with a headphone output. Depends on it's max voltage, and the amp's input sensitivity.

I see a potential probablem with headphone out. If you can't get it loud enough, it will clip when you try to get louder and sound unpleasant. On the bright side, that seems pretty easy to test.

There are options if that does not work. Digital to analog boxes for example. Or some sort of direct box to boost the headphone signal.

Whatever happened to TVs with a variable line out?
jlpeterson's Avatar jlpeterson 08:39 PM 02-08-2011
The specs for my TV headphone jack are as follow:

Impedance 16 Ω , Maximum audio out 15 mW

The next question: with speakers wired in parallel creating an 8 ohm output, can I still use the Pyle PCA4 amp to power these speakers if the amp is connected to the TV via a 3.5mm/RCA cable?

Are 8 ohms too much for the 16 ohm headphone jack to handle?
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