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03-21-2011 | Posts: 254
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I have a chance to buy either a vintage Pioneer SX750 or SX3700 vintage receiver. Both about the same price. Which one should I get? Which is better for the collectable/build?
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03-22-2011 | Posts: 345
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I have a SX780 (next up in the line) they are very nice stereo receivers. I use it to power a pair of Klipsch ceiling speakers in my kitchen/dining room. Here's some info on the SX 750;

" The SX-750 was introduced in 1976 and manufactured through 1977. As with other new SX series receivers introduced in 1976, it featured a silver analog AM/FM tuning dial. The SX-750 was rated at 50 watts per channel and had performance specifications that all but matched the top-of-the-line SX-1250 except for per channel output. List price in 1976 was $400.00. The SX-750 and more expensive models in the receiver line were manufactured in Japan. The 'Silver Era" Pioneers remain collectible receivers today."

It looks like SX3700 is a newer vintage without analog tuning and "may" be less collectible.

Here's a link to 'The Silver Pioneer Reference Site' for more info;
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07-07-2014 | Posts: 1,370
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Wonderful to hear these still have a cult following! I have a SX-3700, & SX-780 which were both built on the same chassis... only thing better than these would be the SX-3800, & 3900

BTW, these both have analog tuning, the 3700 just incorporated Quartz PLL Tuning & a digital frequency readout in addition to the analog for those who wanted it.

They can keep their cheap 5:1, 6:1's or whatever that are only designed to last 5 years!
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