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beastaudio's Avatar beastaudio 06:17 AM 05-10-2011
what technically would the 4312/13 get that the 11 doesnt have? does the 4311 require the airplay $50 upgrade like the 3311?

jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 06:24 AM 05-10-2011
Yes. Only the XX12 models have Airplay already loaded, however, it has the same limitation as with the firmware loaded version in the 3311/991 and 4311 (ie. cannot be used on Zone 2 independent from main zone). The 4313 will "definitely" have Audyssey LFC and will "likely" have Neo:X. Additional new features may be offered as well.
PanteraGSTK's Avatar PanteraGSTK 08:02 AM 05-10-2011
Based on what has been said in this thread the 4311 will still be the one to get for me. I'd have to wait way too long to find out if NEO:X would be worth the wait. That would really be the only feature I could see myself holding out for.
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 10:00 AM 05-10-2011
Originally Posted by batpig View Post

With networking trickling down to 1912, 2112, and 2312 models, this year will be the first year we have networked Denon receivers that do NOT explicitly have the ability to send 2.0 PCM digital signals to Zone 2. I don't think we will know for sure until someone gets one of these units in their homes whether they will send networked audio (internet radio, pandora, airplay, etc) to Zone 2. It would definitely suck if they didn't...

A new 1912 owner has confirmed that the 1912 (and therefore the 2112 and 2312) will indeed pass Airplay and internet radio to Zone 2.

However, I noticed in the 1912 manual that one feature that is missing is that you cannot use the Web Control feature to SAVE/RESTORE the setup/Audyssey settings file to a PC file which has been the case with previous year networking models and is offered on the 2112, 2312, and 3312.
ppddinCA's Avatar ppddinCA 12:24 PM 05-10-2011
Originally Posted by svtfast View Post

I just ordered the 3312 from Amazon and I was told it would ship in 1 to 3 weeks. This was different from what I was told yesterday when I tried to order it.

Sweet my first receiver will be on its way soon!

Thanks for the information. Just Pre-ordered it from amazon too. I guess all the authorized dealers will get the first shipments around the same time.
papa_laz's Avatar papa_laz 05:33 PM 05-10-2011
I sadly have to concur with the previous posts about the 4312. When I asked Denon tech support directly about if the 4312 is coming this year, they told me it is not.

So I guess it's a 4311 for me also!
batpig's Avatar batpig 05:39 PM 05-10-2011
I wonder how much of a factor the earthquake/tsunami was in the delay.... isn't Denon's main plant in the affected region?
Snowmanick's Avatar Snowmanick 06:32 PM 05-10-2011
Originally Posted by batpig View Post

I wonder how much of a factor the earthquake/tsunami was in the delay.... isn't Denon's main plant in the affected region?

Purely anecdotal, but two Denon dealers near me (one a Mom & Pop shop, the other the local Magnolia) both said they are out of AVR-4311CI's, and that they were informed of a delay in new shipments because of the disaster in Japan. If the delay/change of plans is related to the disaster, it is the most understandable delay in the history of mass market audiophilia.
batpig's Avatar batpig 11:13 AM 05-11-2011
official xx12 model thread

alright folks, now that the models are officially on the streets and in people's homes, join us in the official owner's thread:

this thread can keep going for general speculation and discussion, but questions about setup, troubleshooting, etc. should now migrate to the owner's thread.

cneely8's Avatar cneely8 09:18 PM 05-21-2011
Originally Posted by Sam S View Post

Picking a random AVR-3xxx model from a few years ago:

AVR-3805 weight 37.5lbs vs 26lbs of the AVR-3312CI. I believe MSRP of the 3805 was $999, at least at some point.

I have the 3805 and I want to say was $1200 or so at Crutchfield 5-6 years ago.
actarus69's Avatar actarus69 05:46 AM 11-29-2011
Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post

The Analog Devices ADV 8002-4 chip is brand new and hasn't even been released yet, so AFAIK, there is no comparative information available on it against other chips. The 2312CI and 3312CI will be among the first devices to utilize the chip.

Actually, the AVR 3312 seems to have the ADV8002-1 where the AVR 2312 the ADV8002-4.

Don't know the differences, if any, between them, anyway.
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