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EAS1980's Avatar EAS1980 07:51 PM 03-31-2011
Hey Guys I am new here and need some assistance of your opinion. I am planning to purchase the B&W CM8 speakers for fronts, CM1's for the rears, CM Center for center and the CM 10" Sub. Also getting a new TV probably the Panasonic Viera 55" 3D/600hz. I am pretty set on those items unless anybody has better suggestions but item I am stuck on is the A/V Receiver. I would like to have it HDMI 1.4a compatible and have my Blue-Ray player, Xbox 360 and Cable box all hook up to the receiver via HDMI and then 1 HDMI cable to the TV. I am getting a 3D TV and definitely need the receiver to be 3D capable or pass through not exactly sure of the term. I wanted to get the Rotel RSX1560 but it does not look it its 3D friendly so do not think it would work. Now I am considering between the Denon AVR-4311CI and the Marantz SR7005. I am a bit confused through because the Marantz website said 3D ready but on the best buy specs (may not me accurate) claims it does not have 3D Pass through. So I am confused if anybody has any input, help or advise would be greatly appropriated. Also if you have any other suggestion for any other 3D A/V Receiver or other suggestions would love to hear your opinion, I am overwhelmed by too much info! HELP!
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mjpearce023's Avatar mjpearce023 09:16 PM 03-31-2011
The marantz 7005 is very similar to the 3311. The 4311 would be a step up due to MultiEQ XT32. I would wait because Denon is supposed to be announcing the 2011 line up of receivers very soon (possibly tomorrow).

The 7005 is listed as HDMI 1.4 so it should pass thru 3D.
EAS1980's Avatar EAS1980 08:06 AM 04-01-2011
Any word of new Denon product coming out?
mjpearce023's Avatar mjpearce023 08:11 AM 04-01-2011

This thread has some info but we are still waiting on official word from Denon.
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