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Tallen234's Avatar Tallen234 07:52 PM 05-02-2011
I am having a frustrating problem with my Onkyo 876. Originally, I set up my system using a HDFury2 to allow for use of HDMI throughout my home theater system (I have an old RPTV with only component in). Yesterday, the HDFury died. I decided to rewire for component only use.... After connecting component from Directv box to receiver to TV, I got very poor video quality -wavy lines, signal drops, etc. I tried changing settings on the 876 (Monitor out is set to analog, I tried "through" "1080i" etc. on the Reon processor). I tried changing the settings on my Directv box to Native, 480i, 480p or 1080i. With no success. Although, strangely, the 480i looked the best.

So, I then tried to troubleshoot where the problem was coming from:

1. Receiver -> TV The setup screen with the onkyo did not show any problems, so it does not appear to be a problem from the receiver into the TV. Also, when the HDFury was working I had no problem

2. Directv box -> TV - I ran a component cable directly from the Box to the TV with no problems. Picture looked great.

SO, it appears that the problem is from the Directv box to the Receiver. I tried changing the component cable. Tried tightening all connections. That didn't work. Any ideas? Thanks

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