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dabbu1's Avatar dabbu1 03:19 AM 05-06-2011
I was seeking some opinions on comparing these two units.
They are required for a powering a pair of Vienna Acoustic Grand Bachs (4 Ohms, 90db, 50-300 watts each)
The room is my living room 18*18*9 with an entry into the kitchen.

I dont listen to music ever in deafening levels.

My preference for the sr8002 is of course because it is a "receiver" (ie the multifunctionalities) and can be had for around $700-800 these days.
The pm8004 - i could live with an intergrated amplifier if the sound is really good.

The sr8002 claims to deliver 125 watts @ 8 ohms for 7 channels (though its kind of difficult to tell if its all 7 channels driven) and 160 watts @ 6 ohms.

The pm8004, on the other hand, is clearly their current premium non reference integrated amp running at $1000. However, it only delivers 70 watts per channel @ 8 ohms and 100 watts @ 4 ohms.

Is the PM8004 likely to give better quality sound? I can live without all the multifunctionalities of the receiver, if i knew that the quality of sound was better.

As i said, I dont care for party level volumes, but my understanding is that high wattage is also desireable for better dynamic range.

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