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melvynadam's Avatar melvynadam 07:42 AM 07-25-2011
I'm trying to decide between these two units to replace my 10yr old Marantz SR5200.

When it comes to calibrating my equipment, I have limited abilities and skills (and no equipment) so can anyone advise me which of these two products would be easier for the novice to setup? I'm not worried about making the physical connections but I'm talking about ensuring the amp and each speaker (Kef KHT2005) has the correct settings for my room.

The AirPlay features and iDevice connectors are attractive to me but are difficult to compare without access to the devices. If you've used the iOS controller apps for either of these, please share your impressions.

If you have experience with these models, I'd appreciate your thoughts on the pros and cons of the units in contrast with each other.

melvynadam's Avatar melvynadam 09:22 AM 07-25-2011
The Pioneer has upscaling. The Denon does not.

My Inputs are WDTV HD Live, VCR, DVD player. My output is to Canon XEED SX60 projector.
mjpearce023's Avatar mjpearce023 10:01 AM 07-25-2011
For me the Denon would be easier because I got better results right off the bat with Audyssey than I did with MCACC. I adjusted some of the eq curves and was able to get good sound quality out of MCACC but it took some reading and a lot of adjusting. I never got the sound quality up to what Audyssey did but it was still good. Also the 2112 steps up to MultEQ XT for not much more than the 1912. It's not any more simple but I found an improvement using XT over regular MultEQ in sound quality.
melvynadam's Avatar melvynadam 01:12 PM 07-25-2011
Thanks for your help. I'll go with the 1912. I'd take the 2112 but it doesn't look like it's available in the UK yet.
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