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CTate93's Avatar CTate93 11:05 AM 10-03-2011
I have an 800w Fosgate amp and two 12" Fosgate Punch subs. I had them hooked up in my truck before I sold it and got a new car and i don't really want to but my subs in there. I know how to hook the subs up in a vehicle so the only thing I dont know how to do is hook the amp to a power supply. Is there some type of adapter that I can use to go from a standard wall outlet to the amps power input? Thanks for any Help!

JOHNnDENVER's Avatar JOHNnDENVER 11:13 AM 10-03-2011
The power supplies for those types of amps are expensive. They have to be extremely beefy and cost a mint.

You will be better off buying a new cheap amp for the application than attempting to supply that amp properly.

A smaller amp? Maybe, but not that one in all likelyhood.
JBWIII's Avatar JBWIII 11:17 AM 10-03-2011
I think that any home amp that can drive the 2-ohm car subwoofers could cost just as much as a fancy power supply.

What kind of input power does the car amp need?
JOHNnDENVER's Avatar JOHNnDENVER 11:37 AM 10-03-2011
That one? The min I would try would be 20amp, 30 amp would be much better.

Just try to find a 30amp 12v supply. $110 for a cheapy 20amp.

There are some less expensive pro amps that could handle the 2 ohms.
CTate93's Avatar CTate93 11:43 AM 10-03-2011

JOHNnDENVER's Avatar JOHNnDENVER 01:20 PM 10-03-2011
Car audio amps, particularly sub amps can sure be demanding, but they assume they have a battery on the power supply too.

I don't really know what this one draws. Looks and sounds beefy from the description. I wonder what gauge wire they reccomend for it in the automobile install?
kapone's Avatar kapone 01:46 PM 10-03-2011
A Behringer EP4000 is under $300......

Why bother?
DreamWarrior's Avatar DreamWarrior 02:28 PM 10-03-2011
Yeah, I would not bother. You'll need to buy a good DC power supply or the amp will suffer, possibly to the point of failure. If you can tolerate the fans (and I'd suppose you can if you're willing to look at the mess that'd be the DC power supply + wiring to the amp, etc) then sell that amplifier and put the money towards a pro amplifier.
JOHNnDENVER's Avatar JOHNnDENVER 03:15 PM 10-03-2011
Behringer iNUKE NU1000 under $200

I saw some guys playing out in a larger venue not long ago using a bunch of these and it rocked hard for sure.
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