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nullqwerty's Avatar nullqwerty 08:10 AM 10-11-2011
Hey folks,

I've got an Onkyo TX-SR607 receiver that has Zone 2 capability. I'm adding a pair of speakers to my dining room, my kitchen, and my outdoor deck, all that I want to be controlled by the Zone 2. I need a box where I can tell it to, for example, put just the kitchen on, or put the kitchen and the dining room on, or even all 3 (and any other possible combination). I'd imagine a standard A/B switch would be fine for turning one on at a time, but would be under-powered for putting all 3 on. Am I correct in my thinking? If so, what would I need to buy to pull this off?

Second related question. I read a user review for my amp where he seemed to imply that Zone 2 doesn't work with any digital input sources. Every one of my sources is HDMI currently. Is what he's saying correct/typical? If so, do I have any other options for pulling off what I'm trying to pull off?


jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 08:38 AM 10-11-2011
1. You're looking for an impedance matching speaker selector similar to this one which will allow multiple zones to run at once (although 3 is likely max without using an external amp).

2. Yes, the reviewer is correct. Only a handful of AVRs can pass HDMI or digital to Zone 2. What you'll need to do is add analog RCA cables from those sources you want to pass to the speaker selector switch.
nullqwerty's Avatar nullqwerty 09:28 AM 10-11-2011
Darn!!! Do any other options exist to handle question #2? That would be a lot of wires and would require that each input source has an analog output as well and also can output to both digital and analog at the same time.

Basically, I just want whatever sound is coming out of my living room speakers to be able to come out of my other room's speakers.
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 09:34 AM 10-11-2011
Oh .. well if you don't need an independent source to Zone 2 and your 607 can set the Surround Back speaker posts as "Front B", then you can get the same source (HDMI or otherwise) that is playing in the main zone to the Front B/speaker selector switch as well by selecting A+B.
nullqwerty's Avatar nullqwerty 09:44 AM 10-11-2011
Oh cool! That would be perfect. Just to check (and I should have mentioned this before), my speakers in my living room are in a 5.1 DD Surround Sound set up. Would doing as you described interfere with that?

I looked at my receiver. It's listed as a 7.2 receiver, and has a section of speaker posts called "Front High Speakers or Zone 2 speakers", which as we said we'll ignore, and it has a section of speaker posts called "Surr Back Speakers or Front High Speakers -- Bi-Amp For Front Speakers", which it sounds like from your description is what I could use, correct? The picture of the back of the receiver is here: http://www.amazon.com/Onkyo-TX-SR607.../dp/B001VEI2KO

Thanks a lot for your help!
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 10:16 AM 10-11-2011
Your model apparently doesn't offer a "Front B" option so yes, you'll have to select the "Bi-Amp" option although not the original intention for this setting.
nullqwerty's Avatar nullqwerty 10:23 AM 10-11-2011
Very cool! Thanks! If it gives me whole home audio and keeps the 5.1 surround in my living room, I'm a happy man. Otherwise I would have had to turn "Audio On" for my HDMI output that's going into my TV, then output RCA from my TV to a second receiver (which I don't own) since I'm pretty sure my TV converts digital input to analog output, and then finally connect the speaker selector there. Would have been a complicated setup with a whole extra receiver in there.

Thanks again! Found this speaker selector with volume controls and impedance matching, which I think I'll go for: http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2
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