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AStone8's Avatar AStone8 08:56 PM 12-21-2011
Hello, New member here with a question that I haven't been able to find much on so I am coming to the AVS community for help.

Last year I bought a Yamaha RX-V367 Receiver and of course with any new model receiver I am using HDMI to run my TV (Directv)through it. The problem is anytime I switch to a new input, for instance to play an I-Pod (via Aux), the TV will go black. Is there any easy was to be able to fix this with this receiver so that I can have the TV on and listen to music on my I-Pod at the same time? I don't need the TV sound but would like to have the option the be able to see TV and listen to music. Also, moving forward as I upgrade what do I need to look for in a receiver to have the capabilities to be running multiple inputs at once and maybe even hook up outdoor speakers as well. Thanks for any help.

afrogt's Avatar afrogt 09:35 PM 12-21-2011
You know what, the simplest thing to do is connect a component video cable from your DirecTV receiver straight to the TV for the times you want the satellite video but listen to another source. Its way too complicated to keep reassigning audio and video inputs on your receiver each time you want to watch HDMI video and a different audio source.

I do this with my Denon receiver. It still have HDMI to the receiver from the DirecTV box but I also connected component video to the TV just for this purpose.

Then all you have to do is change your TV input to Component Video 1 and you can listen to whatever you want on your Yamaha receiver.
AStone8's Avatar AStone8 09:45 PM 12-21-2011
Thanks afrogt for that idea. I thought of trying that but thought i would ask if there was any other way. I figured with an "entry-level" receiver like this one that I might need another way around it and that seems like a good one.

Anyone have ideas/opinions for other guys like us on receivers that handle this capability without having to add the video cable? I will eventually like to upgrade and so is my dad so I want to help him pick out a receiver as well. Any models that are on the "entry-level" end of the spectrum that would handle multiple inputs at once, plus multi-channels for outdoor speakers?
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 10:02 PM 12-21-2011
You'd have to read the manual to whatever receiver you're interested in. There available on the mfr website. Check the section on assigning HDMI inputs. Some will let you assign a coaxial, optical or analog audio to a HDMI input. You may or may not be able to assign the USB iPod input to HDMI video.

Zone 2 receivers are plentiful if you want different audio in a seperate room. But that generally works with analog audio only, the tuner and maybe the USB input. You're generally not going to be able to have audio from digital inputs in Zone 2. Some of the higher end receivers will allow this but not entry level.
AStone8's Avatar AStone8 09:21 AM 12-22-2011
Thanks again. From looking around it looks like Sony seems to add in the A and B channel outputs to even their entry level models on their 7.1 models, even though maybe Sony isn't as nice as some of the others. I think getting away with adding the Video cable like you do afrogt is no big deal for the couple times a year its actually needed. But with outdoor speakers the multi-channel (if that is what and A and B output are called) is a gotta have.
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 09:38 AM 12-22-2011
A and B speaker outputs only allow you to play the same source in both rooms. Zone 2 allows you play a seperate source in the main room and in the Zone area.

Depends what you're really looking for.
AStone8's Avatar AStone8 09:50 AM 12-22-2011
You've been very helpful.

Any suggestions on a good zone 2 receiver at a good price?
rdclark's Avatar rdclark 10:43 AM 12-22-2011
There have been steep discounts recently on the Pioneer VSX-1021, under $300. This AVR includes a Zone 2 feature as well as a suite of network functionality -- Airplay, an iOS app for remote control, a Windows app for setup, DLNA, Internet radio.

For the current situation I'd just connect a set of component video and analog audio cables from the DirectTV box to the TV. Most of those boxes feed both the analog and HDMI outputs simultaneously. Then by simply switching inputs on the TV you can run it independently of the AVR.
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