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@ Duc135- I have a VSX-1021. I've ruled out the sub is working. I hooked it up to another receiver and I get output. I have not measured for output voltage because I verified the sub works. Pure direct is not on. I've tried bluray, music, and games- all things that output sub woofer bass in the past. The receiver has been working flawless for two years. During the "sytem speaker test" the receiver sees the sub, but when the system tests the sub, no sound is output.
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Hi Guys,

Some info too please!! I have a VSX923K No sound from subwoofer!!!
Tried everthing ive seen here but no avail. Fronts set to SMALL sub to yes and also fronts to LARGE and sub to PLUS but nothing. Cant even hear it on calibration test.
How do i set the LFE Attenuate i cant seem to find the setting in set up?
I have it connected via the sub pre out with 1 RCA to RCA Connections on the sub low level input x2

Any more advise PLEASE!!!!
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Have you validated that your subwoofer actually works? Which subwoofer output are you connecting to? I'm not sure if they are distinct outputs or not, but if you only have one it should be connected to SW1. Did you run MCACC setup? Maybe the gain on your sub amp is set too low?
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I had a VSX-1021k for years and had this issue for a while. It took me a while to figure out the ins and out of the receiver but there are a couple solutions. Here is what I would recommend:

1.Run MCACC. When it completes you will need to make some manual adjustments.
2.Change front channels to Small and Sub to Yes, OR front channels to Large and Sub to Plus
3.Set crossover to 80.
4.Check speaker level. Possibly increase the sub level.
5.Make sure your listening mode is NOT Pure Direct or Direct. Flip through several options until you hear what you want.

At one point the bass went out after all of these steps. The default pioneer warranty is pretty good. I took my proof of purchase to an authorized pioneer repair shop who told me that basically my LFE out had shorted out because of a bad contact inside the receiver. Two days later it was back in my home and working perfectly. Hasn't has an issue since. Hope this helps!

Help me, AVS Forum. You're my only Hope.....

My Current Setup
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Originally Posted by klipschrocker View Post
I just recently purchased a Pioneer VSX-1021-K as an upgrade to a Yamaha HTR-3063. I am running it 2.1 with a pair of Polk Monitor70 Series II's and a Polk PSW505. Under the speaker setup menu I set the fronts to large and the sub to yes and then ran the MCACC. When I am watching the cable box or playing a game on one of my consoles everything works great, but when I play a CD through my PS3 or try to listen to music from my Squeezebox or stream something On Demand from the cable box the LFE channel on the receiver disappears and nothing is sent to the sub. Pioneer's Knowledge base said that standard stereo streams do not send the .1 channel and that the work around for this was to use one of the advanced surround options on the receiver to artificially create the channel. I have tried all of the different choices and none of them have worked. On my Yamaha, I ran into this same issue and I was able to use the 5ch Stereo option as a work around. I have done some research and saw that the Pioneer's EXT. STEREO option was the closest setting to this, but still no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get the sub to work no matter what the source?<br><br>
I have owned my vsx1021 k for for about 10 months now. I can say I have spent some great deal of time getting the receiver to do what it is meant to do. I have spent nearly 90 hrs to perfect this machine. I will go through my speaker setup and options for you to gain more power for running at optimal performance. This is something I feel that everyone should know and feel at peace that someone knows how this receiver works. I have 2 front klipsch v35 tower/icon series; set at front terminals. My surround backs are kb-15 at the surround back terminal/ not zone two. This will be for my bi amped front speakers soon. I also have a regular car amp, 12 in sub powered by a PSU. I have rigged the PSU to run the car amp and sub to the receiver connected to the sub-woofer pre out. I will replace the rigged sub for a better inline klipsch sw. I have professionally installed everything myself. I use banana plugs vs bare wire. I have the back speakers on bookshelf mounts with the speaker wires behind the wall. I used wall mount plates to connect each back speaker with again banana plug wires. I have my speakers on EXT. Stereo. I am going to run my setup status and options for you to see the comparisons.<br><br>
Get the remote and look for the ch level button, by pushing this you can see your db level for each speaker you have hooked up. I have mine set at +12 on all speakers even my sub.<br>
Push the receiver button and the audio button and next push enter; you can go through each setup.<br>
I have the following setup:<br>
1. SACD +6<br>
2. HDMI (AMP)<br>
3. A. delay (on)<br>
4. Effect = 90<br>
5. V. height (on)<br>
6. EQ ( ON )<br>
7. S-wave ( On)<br>
8. Phase C+ 0ms<br>
9. Delay 0.0<br>
10. S.RTRV (ON)<br>
11. Dialog (FLAT)<br>
12. Dual (ch1) (ch2)<br>
13. Fixed (OFF) this I have not heard any difference<br>
14. DRC (AUTO)<br>
15. LFE ( 0 db or off) up to you, I have not found this any better or worse.<br><br>
Go to the home menu:<br><br>
Go to System setup, then HDMI setup: turn off the control. You will be able to assign your hdmi inputs.<br>
Current firmware update: 1-151-081-111-031<br>
Go to System setup, then Network setup: DCHP (ON) Enable Proxy Server (OFF)<br><br>
Home Menu:<br>
System setup, then Manual sp set up then Speaker system,<br><br>
I have the following set up for the speakers:<br>
Normal (SB/FW) this will vary for your speakers 5.1 or 7.1 set up.<br>
Home Menu:<br>
System setup, then Manual SP set up, speaker setting:<br>
Keep your sub on either large or YES<br>
Put your front speakers to small. This is misleading to some who might think in the wrong direction. Large is for front speaker that cam handle very low bass otherwise below 60 hz. When this is set to small this has a technology to bring the low freq to the sub. This allows for the receiver to bypass the low freq level to the sub-woofer. For any other choices you make is fine, but make sure have the x-over on 80. This helps bring the bass to the subwoofer. The x curve is up to your liking.<br>
Next I am going to go through the freq level for the mains and the sub.<br>
Go to the home menu, and then click on Advanced MCACC:<br>
Do not go through the the full auto MCACC or the auto MCACC, click on Manual MCACC:<br>
The fine ch. level was established at the beginning by putting all ref ch. levels on +12<br>
Next the fine sP distance can be set up to your liking.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
Ok, here is where it gets down to the important part of the freq levels.<br>
Click on Standing Wave:<br>
For all filters keep them the same set up for the mains:<br>
Freq= 120hz or higher<br>
Q= 8.0<br>
After you’re done with the main click down to sub,<br>
For all filters keep them the same set up for the sw (Subwoofer):<br>
Freq= 63, can’t go any lower: I wish though.<br>
Q= 8.0<br>
Trim=+12 db<br>
All this will have a M1. MEMORY 1<br>
Hit return and click EQ adjust: You will want to quickly after 0 turn the volume down.<br>
Ch. L, R, SR, SL, SBR, SBL, or any other ch. you have hooked up = all positive, use same numbers for all ch. levels<br>
125 hz = 9<br>
250 hz = 5.5<br>
500 hz = 5.5<br>
1k = 6<br>
2k = 5.5<br>
4k = 5.5<br>
8k = 9<br>
16k = 4<br>
TRIM = +12<br>
You can do an EQ professional if you choose but I have not. That is it, I do hope some of these adjustments help your problem with the sub and maybe have better sound too! Keep those speakers clear of any distortions, the freq’s I have given you will help. The main thing to remember is for a sub, it can get low bass between 60-80 hz, that is prime levels anything above 80 is for high freq’s
Mate we have just installed the VSX930 - and have now brought the the full potetial out of this unit through your easy to understand post cheer many thanks
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