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djdcm0722's Avatar djdcm0722 03:16 PM 02-02-2012
I have a few questions about the iNuke NU1000DSP. I am deciding to go with a pro amp instead of the 2 Oaudio 500w plate amps I was going to use for my two 4cuft boxes with 15" RSS390HF's. I can't seem to find out what the VAC is for the amp. There is nothing on the manufactor page or the rendered images they use. Is it 110v or 240v or both. I am stationed in Europe and would prefer to use it without having to buy a converter box. My last question is is it possible to use RCA's as the input for the LFE? I have an Onkyo HT-RC260 which uses RCA outputs. Also, for the outputs, how would I connect them to the passive subs? I am unfamiliar with XLR and TRS.

Davecraze's Avatar Davecraze 07:09 PM 02-02-2012
I don't have the inuke, but if your amps will be positioned close to your listening position, I have read that the crown xls drivecores are a better choice due to much less fan noise. It also has RCA connections.
djdcm0722's Avatar djdcm0722 08:24 PM 02-02-2012
Thanks for the input. I also found the answer to my questions. The voltage depends on where you buy it so converter box it is. And looks like Speakeron connections aren't hard to setup.

I looked into the crown xls 202 for my needs. It doesn't look like it has a programmable DSP like the iNuke. I could however always get a minidsp but I am trying to keep costs down.
Davecraze's Avatar Davecraze 10:36 PM 02-02-2012
The xls 202 is not a class D amp like the inuke and xls drivecore, if that matters. Also, you can pick up an inuke 3000 on ebay for under 280, if you are patient. That is a huge power step up from an xls 202.
djdcm0722's Avatar djdcm0722 02:38 AM 02-03-2012
Just took a peak at the Drivecore. I was looking at the wrong thing apparently. Looks like that may fit the bill and the decreased fan noise is nice. I will have to do a little more research. I don't need too much power. From what I have read the RS390HF will hit xmax at 250w. Which is why I was initially looking at iNuke. I do not want to have to worry about damaging anything by accident.
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