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kttealow1's Avatar kttealow1 09:16 PM 02-18-2012
I am running HDMI from set top box into RX-V3900 - pass through works great. Up-scaling works great when unit is powered on.

Here is the question. Is it possible and if so what are the correct settings for:

Viewing (On the Display) set top box signal with the RX-V3900 power on and also listening to USB / Net all in the same "Zone"?

Example : Watch the basketball game while listening The Eagle Classic Rock

Hope someone has a answer - prior to running the set top box through the Yamaha - I could do this, obviously, no problem - but now can't do it. If I am watching the television and than select the USB / Net button yes I do hear the music but loose the television picture.

Thank you for any help you can over!

MichaelJHuman's Avatar MichaelJHuman 09:52 PM 02-18-2012
You can't listen to an audio only source while switched to a video source. I realize past receivers allowed this, but the feature seems absent with newer models.

I know there's a reason of sorts, but I would have to think about why the change was made (you could accomplish it maybe by using zones, with another set of speakers.)
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