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Originally Posted by dklap View Post
Originally Posted by mtoneill View Post
2113 Network and Power issues:

Here's what my receiver is having problems with lately:

1. My network connection does not work at all. In the past, I could cut power a couple of times and it would come back. Then later, that wouldn't work and I would have to do a reset or two or three to get it to come back. Now, no matter what I do it won't come back.

2. Power. When I hit the power button on the remote the unit doesn't come on. When I press the power button on the unit it doesn't come on. When I hit the power button on the web interface it doesn't come on. This happens about once or twice a week. I have to unplug the unit and plug it back in and then it works. Irritating, yes. But I can live with it. But, coupled with the dead network adapter, I thinking this thing is quickly becoming junk.

3. If I recall correctly, when I first got this receiver about 3 or 4 years ago, I would listen to movies at about 30-35 volume level. Now, when I watch a movie, I have to put it up to about 60 to hear it clearly.

I think it may be time to look at another receiver. This was an expensive receiver. It should have lasted a lot longer than 4 or 5 years. I have a 25 year-old yamaha in the basement. Maybe it's time to look at that brand again.
Interesting. I use the network connection for zone 2 (my deck) and it craps out once in a blue moon. Unplug, count to a slow 10, plug back in and it's good as new. Probably have done this 10 times over the last 3 years... Network adapter is wired, so it's curious that this is happening.

Does you receiver have adequate venting? I'm wondering if heat is doing it...

- Dan
There doesn't seem to be a heat issue. We do have it in a cabinet, but there is a lot of room and we usually leave the door open when we use it.

I had it unplugged all night and when I restored power today, the network connection came back. I connected with my laptop to load my settings and it replied "load completed" and shut down. When I turned it back on there was no network again. I did a factory reset about 10 times with no luck.

<update> Turned it on today and the network is working again. I'm plugging it into a power strip now and I think I'm just going to shut off the power strip when I'm not using the receiver. I changed the settings for my inputs and set up Audyssey and the unit sounds really good again. Did a config save and now I have a good backup in case I have to do a reset.

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Hi All -

I finally got my AVR-1613 hooked up and been playing around with some URLs and integrating into some code. I know that it was perviously mentioned that the AVR-1613 model doesn't support Spotify, but the below URL returns this XML tag. Is this some type of mistake or just a weird part of the XML response?

URL - /goform/formMainZone_MainZoneXml.xml

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2113CI Issue: Speaker popping then shutdown (but no blinking light)

I've had my Denon 2113CI (refurb.) for just over 3 years now. I use it to run Tivo and Apple TV through a Panny PDP TV, all via HDMI. Have the standard 5.1 speaker setup.

Recently, I was using the AVR to watch Tivo (CBL/SAT input) when there was a loud thump in the subwoofer. Less than a minute after, the main speakers began making loud intermittent popping sounds. Then the AVR shut down but the protection light didn't blink. I turned the unit back on and everything was fine again for about 10 minutes, then the same scenario happened (speaker popping then shutdown). Every day since then, this problem recurs. Occasionally video will cut out before shutting down. When that happens, only a hard reset will restore the video.

Steps taken to troubleshoot/remedy, all with same speaker popping/shutdown experience:
- Soft reset (unplug), hard reset (microprocessor reset)
- Changed power strips
- Changed sources to Apple TV (MEDIA PLAYER input)
- Changed HDMI input cables
- Removed various Speaker and Sub connections
- Removed all HDMI input connections, used Optical input from Tivo (seemed to work longer with this setup, however pausing Tivo then un-pausing triggered the problem)

I tested the Radio and CD channel (RCA input) for about 30 minutes each and wasn't able to recreate the issue. Not sure if this is indicative of the HDMI board being the problem or if those channels or if the AVR doesn't work as hard to support those sources, preventing the problem from happening.

Anyone else experience or hear of this kind of problem? I've had no problems before this, aside from a persistent HDMI handshake issue when switching between Tivo and Apple TV sources (which always requires powering off and back on to reestablish the connection.) The problem started the day after we got back from a 10-day vacation, so there may have been a surge/power event we're unaware of.

If it's the HDMI board, I might have a brick on my hands as I only paid $400 for it and would expect that benching and replacing the board at my local Denon repair shop would approach or even exceed that amount.

Thanks, Kyle
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I have a 2310ci plugged into a Belkin PowerConserv 10 Strip and will occasionally experience a loud pop only when I turn the receiver on right after immediately instead of waiting a few more seconds. Other than the annoying very loud 'pop' through the front speakers it doesn't emit any problems. I now just give it time whenever I turn on the receiver before the main power.

My setup/operation:
The power strip has a remote switch to turn on or completely shut down power, whenever I want to watch TV or listen to music, I first turn on the power via remote then wait a few seconds to turn on the receiver. If I do it immediately then sometimes the pop would occur.
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