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toyo1's Avatar toyo1 06:33 PM 05-15-2012
I just picked up one of these amps and connected everything put got no power at all. Could it be a fuse that not working or where could i have gone wrong.
I have it connected to a B&k ref 20
Thank you

Steve.'s Avatar Steve. 06:58 PM 05-15-2012
check the switch on the back to disable the power on trigger... try it without a trigger.
toyo1's Avatar toyo1 07:21 PM 05-15-2012
Thanks for the tip
I tried that the red light comes on know but now i get no sound.
Has it been to long since i have done this but still i know how to hook up things. I am using bare speaker wire. Should i go out and buy better wire. Or once again what am i doing wrong. Thanks again
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