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I have a Denon 1712 receiver in my HT setup along with a 7.1 setup consisting of Klipsch Icons, SVS, Optoma projector, and PS3. I decided to get a receiver for my bedroom system and decided on the Sony STR-DN820 since it was on sale for peanuts at Fry's this week. Before hooking it up in the bedroom, I took it out to the Media room to let my Audessy calibrated Denon 1712 feast on it. Well, to my surprise, the Sony held it's own quite nicely. Actually, it performed pretty damn well. It was just as clean and powerful as my Denon, with a very dymanic quality thrown in on movie soundtracks. I know that some here probably have bad to mixed feelings about Sony non-ES receivers. I did for the longest - several years to be exact. But this Sony 820 has sort of opened my eyes and ears to non-ES Sony receivers. The only negative i would give it is that there's too much Sony proprietary crap that once enabled alters the sound for the worst. If you don't know how to set it up, you will be terribly disappointed. If you hate Sony, you'll continue to hate Sony, but I was pleasantly surprised at their recent offering (2011 version).

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Sony is routinely bashed .. undeservingly so ..

Uncle Willie

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+1... no real good reason to consider them...

- chris


my build thread - updated 8-20-12 - new seating installed and projector isolation solution

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+ 2 ^^^^

Bought an STR-DE897 in '06 and didn't like the sound at all. Gave it to a relative. Never want to consider another Sony again. I've been very happy with my Yamaha receivers so why do I need to change?
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Sony is pushing up daisies in the avr market... I presume pioneer will be joining them next...
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Originally Posted by mgkdragn View Post

Sony is routinely bashed .. undeservingly so ..

Most non-Auddessy AVR's are not popular around these parts. I remember my Sony I thought I was happenin
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How is comparing a low line $400 receiver with the same going to be that much different?

And try a set of speakers with lower Db rating than your Klipsch and maybe you might find where the Sony don't shine.

Get it? Where the Sony don't shi.....oh never mind.
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