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Originally Posted by SED8er View Post
Hi All,

I'm an 818 owner and am brand new to this forum...and forums in general for that matter...:-)

My 818 recently started changing the aspect ratio of the tv from 16:9 to 4:3? I'm a DIRECTV subscriber so that's my video source (Genie). When I turn everything on, the tv starts in cropped 4:3 letterbox mode. Going to the display settings on the DIRECTV menu and changing the output ratio from (the correct) 16:9 to 4:3 and then immediately changing it back to 16:9 fixes the problem...until the next time you turn everything off.

I bypassed the 818 (DIRECTV straight to tv) and the problem went away, so I'm pretty sure the problem lies with it.

Anyone have any idea what's going on here?
I'm thinking it is an HDMI handshake issue that happens on power up. To test, turn on your TV and let it fully boot up. Then turn on your Genie. Lastly turn on the 818 and see if it comes up fine.
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Originally Posted by fretwater View Post
Ok I have an update to my situation of the 7.1 input issue. The details are as follows:

When I play DTS-HD MasterAudio content in 7.1 in both bitstream and PCM, the receiver correctly turns on the height or wide channels, when in DIRECT or DTS-HDMA input setting. The input registers as DTS-HDMA 7.1 for bitstream and multi 7.1 for PCM.

The issue occurs when I play 4K Blu-rays which have Dolby Atmos content. Both in PCM and bitstream the receiver recognizes the stream as 7.1 channels but it does not activate the height or wide channels. The receiver says the input is Dolby TrueHD 7.1 but does nothing with the 2 extra channels.

Is there anyway the receiver will activate these additional channels? I would think Dolby Atmos 7.1 content should be backwards compatible with Dolby True HD 7.1. Do the extra 2 channels need to be the surround back channels and not height or wide?
I found out that running surround back channels was the only way to get 7.1 Dolby True HD from the Dolby Atmos 7.1 Blu-ray content. I got a close out deal on a
Russound X1 Kit 3 Amplified Wireless Music Streaming Kit that I used for the back channels. Now I can run 9.1!
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Originally Posted by bobloblaw View Post
I haven't experienced this with my 818. What listening mode are you using with stereo sources? Pure Audio, for example, bypasses bass management.

If you switch from 2-channel listening mode to All Channel Stereo, does it sound like you get more bass from your sub?
Originally Posted by primetimeguy View Post
You can't set speakers to 80hz low pass. You can set your crossover to 80hz so just making sure that is what you are talking about. If you are instead talking about your LFE lowpass at 80hz then that may be your issue. Maker sure speakers are set to 80hz crossover. As the other poster mentioned, make sure you are using stereo mode and not pure or direct which bypass your crossover settings.
Originally Posted by Barrettmr View Post
I had the same experience, but using the sub fixes it. I think the setting is called double bass or something like that in the config?

Hello All,

Some clarification, I'm using a 80hz crossover from speakers to sub. I meant high pass on the speakers. 80hz crossover, the "normal" way, however we call it.

I listen in Dolby PLII Music, 5ch ext stereo, and "Auto". Never in direct mode, so crossover/bass management settings should stay intact. Also I can feel the subs working, they just have no impact regardless of volume. Then if I listen to a digital 5.1 audio track, the bass hits hard. Flight 666 Iron Maiden would be an example. On the stereo track, the subwoofers barely work. On the 5.1 track, they work very well.
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I'm having a power on issue, I have all connections removed. It would turn on and flicker on, off at one time but now does nothing.
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I have an original PS4 HDMI to the 818 then 818 HDMI to my samsung plasma F8500

recently the 818 stopped being able to sync or connect to the PS4 when I switch to it.

I swapped ports on the 818 and swapped HDMI cables

I also tried change video and audio settings on the PS4

the ps4 works fine plugged direct HDMI into the TV

has anyone else had this issue or found a fix?

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Originally Posted by JL-F1 View Post
recently the 818 stopped being able to sync or connect to the PS4 when I switch to it.

Onkyo acknowledges failed units and extending warrranties until 2018
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Having more of a serious problem with mine. It will just turn off randomly and turn back on. It can cycle this 5 times or so before being stable. There's no word about this being part of the 2018 extended warranty return reasons. Sadly.
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