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05-31-2012 | Posts: 654
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I need some advice on deciding what to do about my receiver. I currently have a Pioneer SC-35 powering a pair of Definitive Technology SM65s and a Def Tech Supercube ii. With the release of the new Denon lineup, I'm considering switching to the AVR-3313ci.

I realize the two receivers are of two different price brackets and one is brand spanking new while the other is a few years old. What I'm most concerned about is the bass eq for the sub. Here is a picture with the frequency response of the old SM350's and supercube ii (supercube in blue).

as you can see, the supercube falls off like a cliff at about 29/30 hz. I'm curious to see if having the added control of Audyssey bass eq will significantly improve the frequency response, or at least smooth out the roll off below 30hz.

Other receiver suggestions are always welcome, though I'd prefer to stick with Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon, Marantz, or Onkyo (employee discount )
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while i am a huge fan of audyssey, it can't create response from nothing... judging just by the graph you provided, the sub itself rolls off hard at 30hz, and no electronics will change that...
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That is just the limitation of that sub so audyssey won’t be able to help that drop off. You may get an improvement in bass response but it won’t help below 30 hz because your sub is not capable of reproducing those frequencies.

EDIT: chris beat me to it.
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Thanks for the responses. I figured that was probably the case but thought I'd ask anyway.
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