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Originally Posted by jcwhammie View Post
Did apple lossless ever get added with a firmware update? I just read when these units first came out they would compress apple lossless.

Also, I've had my 2020 for about a year and I just now realized my firmware (1.40) isn't up to date. I better get the thumb drive out tomorrow and do some work.

I assume you are referring to playing via Upnp pull or push. AFAIK it can play M4A tracks with an AAC payload but not M4A with an ALAC payload. So to get lossless playback of ALAC you need to set your media server to transcode it to L16.
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At the moment I`m using my RX-A2020 as a 5.1. and have bi-amped front speakers. I`m just about to update my movie screen to a lot bigger one and thinking of updating speaker system a little bit too. Adding FPL and FPR would sound an good idea but can I do it when using bi-amp for front speakers at the same time?

I think bi-amping brought some extra quality to front so I would like to keep it that way. There are still a few channels free but I guess they are for FBL and FBR and cannot be used as a FPL and FPR?

Anyway I could do this?

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It doesn't look like you can.... You could run an external amp for your fronts.

I finally got my RX-a2020 as a replacement for my dead RX-a2010. It only took a month, 6 phone calls, and a few emails.
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Quick post with a quick question. I may be able to purchase a RX-A820 at a discount price. The unit would do pretty much everything I would like. The only thing that could bother me is input lag with video game. Reading that thread, it seems it's possible to disable any video processing (video direct mode is what it seems to be called). I was wondering if anyone here use this receiver for gaming (PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, etc) and comment on how log the input lag is in video direct mode and how well it works. This is the last piece of information I am looking into before making a decision.

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Hey Guys,

Have a query for you, and I apologize that I may be in the wrong place to start with, but I did a search and am not sure where to start.

I have a Yamaha A2020. I recently got the new LG 70" monitor. The LG has an ARC HDMI port, and something called Simplink which controls devices via HDMI.

I turned on the feature and now my Yamaha turns On/Off when I turn the TV On and Off -- Which is good.

But the Yamaha powers on and switches to Input source - Audio1. If I set the Yamaha to AV2 (The input from my Directv source) it plays fine. From the LG screen you can configure the SIMPLink to control a Yamaha, but it doesn't give an option for the Yamaha source and keeps switching back to Audio1.

So my question is.... Is this a configuration issue on the Yamaha or the LG?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Hello all,

I'm preparing to install a multi-zone Home Theater system and have some questions regarding the setup. Granted, this question could probably be posted in many of the other Forums - and I considered that! - but since it regards the Yamaha RX-3020 I figured this might be the best place to start. If I am mistaken please tell me!

Here's what I've got:

Yamaha RX-A3020 Aventage A/V Receiver
Paradigm Studio 100's - FL/FR
Paradigm Studio CC-690 - Center
Paradigm Studio ADP-590's - SBL/SBR
Paradigm ADP-370's - SL/SR
Seaton Submersive HP+
Seaton Submersive HP+ [Slave]
Emotiva XPA-2 : The Studio 100's are connected to this amp
Emotiva XPA-5 : The other 5 speakers are connected to this amp
Synology Diskstation DS1513+ [5 x 6TB]
JRiver running on Windows 7 OS

The Synology DS1513+ is connected via Cat6 to my router [ASUS RT-AC68U Wireless-AC1900 Dual-Band Gigabit Router]. The RX-3020 is paired to the network via WiFi. The computer [w/ JRiver] is connected to the network via WiFi. I'm assuming I will connect the Synology to the RX-3020 via USB, as that is really the only connection available (no HDMI, SPDIF, TOSLINK, etc...).

So that is my gear. I'll be purchasing outdoor speakers, and additional speakers for some other Zones. I will start with 4 Zones - the max permitted by the Yamaha 3020. May expand later with additional AVR's....

I have all of my media stored on the Synology [music and BD movies]. I'm looking to be able to deliver that media from the Synology to the various Zones. However, I have some questions....

1. Can the RX-3020 receive simultaneous streams of media from the Synology DS1513+ that can then be transmitted to the different Zones in my home? Or do the sources for the various Zones have to be different?

2. The Synology has multiple USB ports (2 x USB 3.0 and 4 x USB 2.0) - would it benefit me in any way to run one USB 3.0 connection straight to the RX-3020, and the other USB 3.0 to an external DAC, and then from the DAC to the RX-3020? I am asking because I am thinking this may be a work-around to Question #1 (i.e. the second "source" would be the external DAC, and not the Synology).

3. Is what I am trying to do even possible???? LOL. My goal is to be able to select media from one of my devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) thru JRiver's Gizmo app from anywhere in my house and send it to various Zones of my choice through the RX-3020. I understand the concept, but I don't really understand the setup.

I've searched and read DOZENS of Threads trying to piece together the information I need. I just cannot seem to find one thread that says "In order to setup Multi-Zones with a NAS and Yamaha RX-3020 you need to do this!"

I'm hoping that this thread might fill the void that seems to be out there.......

If I have not provided enough information please let me know. Can anyone provide some insight on how to set this up?

Thanks in advance....

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I now realize that I made some rather silly assumptions in my Post above. Please forgive me, as I am currently in Afghanistan and my gear is at home!! But I will be there in about 2 weeks and would like to have a good idea of how to set everything up.

My mistake was in thinking the Synology would be connected to the 3020 via USB. That is incorrect. So now I am left to wonder, will connecting the 3020 to the network via ethernet and the port on the back of the 3020 allow it to play anything off of the DS1513+???

I am just really confused on how to set this up and have it work the way I intend. I'm sure it is very simple, and I'm sorry for being an idiot, but please help!!!

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