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cbaileyau's Avatar cbaileyau 08:24 AM 06-13-2012
So I currently have an Onkyo HT-R520 receiver that I got 6 years or so as part of a HTIB set up. It doesn't have any HDMI inputs so it pretty much only handles the audio on my system.

The following are connected to the receiver using either coaxial or optical audio cables:
-TV old Olevia model (for watching over-the-air stations)
-Bluray Player

When watching an HD station on TV the receiver uses Dolby D.
However, whenever I watch the Roku or Bluray I can't get it to play Dolby it is always Pro Logic II (which is just fancy stereo sound).
I recently upgraded to the bluray player since my 5 disc onkyo unit was too big for the space. When I watched DVDs on it, i would get Dolby surround. I have made sure both the roku and bluray are configured for Dolby output, etc.

Is my receiver so old that it can't interpret some newer version of Dolby surround that is being sent to it?
Thanks for the help.

jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 08:59 AM 06-13-2012
Can't speak for the Roku, but with the Blu Ray player, in addition to setting it to "bitstream" you also have to set "Secondary Audio" to OFF (or something similar to that setting to OFF).
cbaileyau's Avatar cbaileyau 09:09 AM 06-13-2012
I'll give it a try, thanks.
BIslander's Avatar BIslander 10:24 PM 06-13-2012
With an optical connection, your player is not sending the newer lossless codecs to your older receiver. Optical is limited to lossy DD and DTS.

The secondary audio setting doesn't affect the bitstream output over optical. You'll get proper DD 5.1 and DTS regardless of secondary audio. So, just make sure the player output is not set to PCM, which will be limited to stereo over optical. As for the Roku, there isn't much DD 5.1 content. Netflix is not 5.1 on Roku, for example. Are you sure the selections you've tried have DD 5.1 tracks?
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 07:58 AM 06-14-2012
Originally Posted by BIslander View Post

The secondary audio setting doesn't affect the bitstream output over optical.

Wasn't aware of that .. thanks for the correction. smile.gif
BIslander's Avatar BIslander 09:27 PM 06-14-2012
With players that have a secondary audio setting, off means the lossy core will be bitstreamed without the additional audio. On means the player will decode the track, mix in the extra audio, and re-encode as a lossy bitstream output that includes the secondary audio.
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