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TazExprez's Avatar TazExprez 05:29 PM 07-04-2012
I have cross-posted this on another thread with some modifications.

I currently have a TX-DS989 with all the upgrades that I am thinking about replacing soon. It has served me well for 11 years and has never had any issues. I like the way it sounds, but I am ready to move on to the new surround formats.

I wonder if I should get either the TX-NR818 or the TX-NR3009, or the recently announced TX-NR1010, TX-NR3010, or the TX-NR5010. I need to drive a 7.1 Paradigm surround system that consists of: Monitor 11 Fr L/R pair, a CC-370 Center, ADP-370 Surr 2 pairs, and a PW-2200 Sub. I don't plan on upgrading to 9.1, 11.1, or adding any more subs because my room is very small at about 15 x 16 x 7.

I am leaning towards the TX-NR818 and noticed that it does 5 more W/CH than my TX-DS989, but it is THX Select 2 Plus, while my TX-DS989 was upgraded to THX Ultra 2. Also, my TX-DS989 has a toroidal transformer. Should they both drive my surround system the same? Should I consider the TX-NR3009 instead, even though I only plan on using 1 sub? I might even consider the other three depending on the street prices.

The A/V sources will be a Motorola 7100.1 FiOS box, a Sony BDP-S790 BD player, a Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD player, and a very old Sony VCR. The displays connected to this will be a LG 55LW5600 LED TV and an Epson 3010 projector. Will I be able to watch a different source on each display, or does it have to be the same source for each one? I currently have a 4x2 matrix HDMI switch that allows each display to have a different source or the same source.

Thanks a lot for any help.

mgp's Avatar mgp 09:43 PM 07-04-2012
I am in the same boat. I am also looking to replace my 989. I am looking really hard at the tx-nr3009 and tx-nr818 as well. Due to the fact that I have 2 subs, I am leaning towards the 3009(for the subEQ).
TazExprez's Avatar TazExprez 05:25 PM 07-06-2012
gmruiz42's Avatar gmruiz42 07:05 PM 05-02-2014

i have exactly the same questions as the other guy. thanks.

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