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flyhigh123's Avatar flyhigh123 12:11 AM 07-06-2012
So i'm looking at 7.1 and 9.1(2) receivers currently. The jump in price from for an example a pioneer 1122 to a Onkyo NR-1009 is around double the cost.

I am planning on running 9 speakers,

1 ccenter
2 fronts
4 in the middle above seating area downward firing ( ceiling mounted), 2 slightly in front of seats and 2 slightly behing
2 rears
1 sub

If I do this setup, if i use a 7.1 receiver, can i splice the wire for the side speakers the (4)? basically the 2 left sides are the same line and the 2 right sides are the same.

Or should i splurge for the 9.2 receiver?

This is for a somewhat theater room.


jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 04:41 AM 07-06-2012
Not familiar with other brand 9.1 AVRs, but on the Denon side, there are only a few AVRs (upper level only) that support Surround A and Surround B speaker setups, as even the 9.1 AVR (4311CI) will only support a single set of "side" surround speakers which would still require you to wire 2 sets in parallel/series.
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