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07-09-2012 | Posts: 40
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Hi all,

I am purchasing Onkyo 818 but I'd like to do 9.1. As I understand, I need to buy an amp for that. I also want buttshakers. I believe I need an amp for that too. Questions :-

1) Can I drive both with the same amp? How many channels will I need?
2) Can I use an old el-cheapo receiver instead of that amp? Can this receiver drive both extra two speakers and buttshakers?
3) Which one of above is the better option.

I really want 9.1 (Audyssey DSX setup) but I had my heart set on Onkyo 818. Since I need an amp / receiver for buttshakers anyway, I think I should be okay with an 818 (which is a 7.2 receiver). Not being very technical, I am trying to figure out if I am missing anything.

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1) Yes, you can use the same amp. It would need to be at least 4 channels if you are adding 2 buttshakers. 2 Channels would be used for the surrounds and 2 for the buttshakers.

2) If the receiver has analog inputs then technically you could use a receiver.

3) If it was me I would purchase a cheap amp over using a receiver.
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Thank you! Where do I find inexpensive 4-channel amps that can drive my 8 ohm bookshelf surround speakers and buttshakers?
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