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OP: If you are OK with the sound of your current Crown, why not pick up one of their class D amps (no fan)?

"After silence, that which best expresses the inexpressible, is music" - Aldous Huxley
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I have never heard A21... But I currently do own a 23 ...and a few amps from Emotiva. I still can't believe Parasound could put out such a POS. The bass is bloated, mids are boring, highs are just not there - this amp steals half of the HF information. I\ve tried it with a few sets of speakers ( Martin Logan Motion 12, Polk Audio LSi15, Energy Veritas 6.2 and some huge JBLs ), a few preamps both tube and SS , lots of power, speaker and XLR-RCA cables and the verdict remains - it's just a very bad amp. The sound is tied to speakers, the soundstage is next to non-existent. Even XPA-200 ( retailing for 499.00 ) kicks this Parasound's butt around the block. XPA-2 is in a totally different league. I am trying to get rid of the A23 but when people come to listen to it they are not exactly carried away by the sound it outputs, especially after listening to my Emotiva gear.
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This is an easy pick for me. I have owned Emotiva XPA-1 mono blocks (3 of them), an Emotiva XPA-5 and a Parasound A21. I have also owned amps from Sony (TA-55ES & TA-N220), Acurus A150's (4 of them), Classe CA200 & CAV-75, Pass Labs X150, Anthem MCA20 & MCA 50, & a ATI AT3007 along with a Bryston 4B-SST that I had in my house on loan at the time that I owned the Classe and Pass Labs amps.

Going back 20+ years, of all the amps I've owned the ones I liked the least were the Acurus A150's and the Emotiva XPA-1mono blocks. I would rate the Parasound A21 one of my favorites. I would love to have my old Classe CA-200 (1998-2002 ) and Pass Labs X150 (2002) in my house to compare them directly to the Parasound. To me it's a wonderful sounding amplifier that mates up well with my Dunlavy SC-IV speakers.
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Originally Posted by Mitch57 View Post

I had a Rotel RMB-1095 that I loved. I started having a hum problem from the amp that I could hear from my listening area over 13 feet away. This was a hum from the amp not the speakers. It was driving me nuts. It's a long story but it turned out it wasn't the Rotel amp. It was an issue with noise on my power line.

But to make a long story short, I decided to replace the amp with a Parasound Halo A 51. It hummed to but I solved that problem later. But the Parasound was significantly better sounding then the Rotel! I could go into greater detail on the comparison between the two but lets just say that there was no turning back! I still own it and use it every day in my system since I bought it 7 years ago!
Mitch, I think I am having the same problem with noise on my power line. I can hear a 60hz hum coming from the amp(not from the speakers). How did you fix it ?
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I bought one of these.

I have had it in my system now for over 9 years and my amp has been silent since the day I put it in place. Amazing piece of equipment! Unfortunately they don't make it any more. But I do believe they make another product that will solve your problem. But they don't come cheap. I paid about $500.00 for mine when I bought it.

It was worth every penny as far as I'm concerned.
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I've owned a number of amps over the years including Emotiva XPA2, XPA3 (twice at different times within a year). I really wanted to like the Emotiva amps because they put out a lot of power for a lot less money. I mostly listen to 2-ch music (80%) and movies (20%) and sound quality is my #1 priority but also taking into consideration cost. I have also own a Parasound A51, which is similar to the A21, but with 5-ch. IMO for movies, the XPA2 and XPA3 should do just fine, especially given the low price. For music, especially if you have good speakers, the XPA2 and XPA3 sounded good, has great detail, but just didn't excite me in any way, didn't have the fullness, warmth, and musicality of a really good sounding amp. After I sold my XPA2 and XPA3, And later purchased an Anthem MRX300 receiver for my exercise room running Paradigm Studio 100s, I wanted to buy a separate amp and use the MRX300 as a preamp. Didn't really want to spend a lot so I purchased the XPA3 hoping that it would sound better than the amp in the MRX300. Bottom line is I ended up selling the XPA3 and using the amp inside the MRX300. The XPA3 was more powerful, but soundwise, I preferred the MRX300.
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