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Onkyo 805 to Marantz 7007/7008

Originally Posted by mak99 View Post
I had considered another Onkyo, but (maybe like you?) I felt that the x05 series were over-built better than anything they've made since (IMO, I could be wrong). And the bad HDMI/network boards I've read about also made me hesitate on a new Onkyo. To be perfectly clear, the 805 served me extremely well since buying it brand new in May 2008.
My 805 replaced a Marantz SR7000 when I got my first HD TV and HDMI became a must-have for me. I had had that that SR7000 since the late 90s, early 2000s -- it was the first receiver that really showed me how much difference that amps can make in sound quality, particularly of music. I thought the 805 had a very clean and neutral sound, with lots of headroom with its powerful amps, but its sound never knocked my socks off like the warm and deeply nuanced musical sound of that Marantz...

My 805 still runs strong -- luckily it never had those problems with its HDMI board. (Perhaps because I ran it with external cooling fans from Day 1...) It did have its front panel display go out on me, but (thanks to the Internet!) I was able to repair it with a RadioShack resistor and some soldering practice. It runs my 5.2 system (with bi-amped fronts) just fine, and I don't really foresee myself adding more channels to 7.2, 9.2, or Atmos anytime soon...

So, sending Zone 2 HDMI video to TV in another room is somewhat of an excuse to justify getting a Marantz again. And I think I've decided to go with a 7008 now instead of the 7007. (I thought Audyssey was a HUGE benefit of upgrading to the 806 back then, and I am very curious to hear how much difference the 7008's MultiEQ XT 32 flavor of Audyssey will make for my room's acoustics -- I've read many opinions that it's a worthwhile upgrade from the MultiEQ XT of the 7007.)

Anyway, thanks for your input and your opinions -- I'll look forward to sharing experiences after we've both had some time to live with our new toys for awhile...

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Solution to STB/SR7007 480/1080 Problem

Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post
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I won't need an HDMI switch after all. Moved the Verizon FIOS set top box HDMI from the first HDMI input on the SR7007 (CBL/SAT) to the 6th HDMI input (AUX2) and reassigned the inputs. No conversion of the signal. 1080p in 1080p out. Great image. Thanks!
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Sound isn't good - Verizon FIOS STB to Marantz SR7007

The audio on my Marantz SR7007 is set to Auto and many times when watching movies from the Verizon FIOS on demand movies and some TV shows the sound isn't very good. It shows that Dolby Digital is coming through, but, the probably is mostly hard to hear dialogue and not so great surround sound. The STB is set to put out Surround. I've tried various settings and messing with the dialogue settings (ctr spkr output), various compression settings on both the STB and the AVR. Still not good.

It should be noted that the sound from the BluRay is great under the same settings.

I might try connecting the sound with an optical cable just in case. Weirder things have happened.

The STB is connected via high speed HDMI to the AUX2 input. The reason for this is that the AVR wasn't receiving 1080p on the SAT/CAB input. So, something is wrong with that input and AUX2 is receiving 1080p.

Any ideas before I call Verizon?
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OK, just had something weird happen. Fired up the PJ/Marantz system for the first time since the calibration back on Jan 22. Using the Harmony remote, I selected Watch HDTV: all gear turned on as normal, I could hear the TV sound, BUT the video was not displaying - only the Marantz logo. So with my scheduled Super Bowl party tomorrow you can bet I was concerned...

So I go back to the main Activities screen and select Watch Blu-ray: all gear turned on/off/changed inputs as expected, and the movie played with normal picture and sound. So I then selected Watch HDTV again, and this time it played as it should with both picture and sound. Is there something weird handshake-wise going on if I initially select Watch HDTV with all gear in standby state?

Pertinent info:
Comcast HD STB > HDMI > Marantz CBL/SAT input;
Marantz Monitor 1 output > HDMI > Epson 7500UB HDMI 2 input

Note that this never happened when I had the Onkyo 805 in the system.

Harmony power on sequence (HDTV):
STB, then Epson PJ, then Marantz

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To mitigate HDMI handshake issues, what generally works best is the following power on sequence:

TV/PJ ... wait 5 seconds .... AVR ... wait 5 seconds .... STB

If still no joy ... connect STB (HDMI) to PJ and STB (optical) to AVR.

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