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Acurus and Aragon products are now being manufactured by Indy Audio Labs. The company is readying an all-new home theater surround processor that should become available later this year.

The amplifiers can be controlled by your iPhone or iPad. With the five- and seven-channel amplifiers, you can turn off the unused channels when you play stereo recordings, so the amps run cooler and use less electricity. You can also monitor each channel's temperature on your phone. The amplifiers feature fully discrete circuits with resistors an capacitors, and don't use chips or op amps in the audio signal path. Most parts are sourced from the same U.S. suppliers that were used in the original designs. The current versions are designed in Indianapolis and built elsewhere in Indiana. Software engineering is also handled in Indiana.

The Acurus A2002 stereo amp is $2,499 and the A2007 seven-channel amp is $3,999. The ACT 4 home theater processor will be available later this year for around $3,499. The Aragon Iridium and 8008 MkIII power amps are $4,000 each.

Look cool!
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A very preliminary outline of the pre/pro's capabilities is at

One can hope that it'll include many features not listed there (like room EQ).


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If its got no room correction, then it is half a century late and more than a dollar short.. The idea with "new" products is to leapfrog the existing competitors and expand the market, not to compete with established dinosaurs for a segment of customers (technophobe old men) that is small and literally dying.
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Tell that to turntable manufacturers. And fans.

If the prepros don't have some features, at least it's a start. Nice to see something that isn't made offshore. And the amps don't need no stinkin' room correction!rolleyes.gif
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I have owned an Aragon 8008bb for well over a decade and adore it. And have owned just about every other Aragon Amplifier in between. I was quite happy when Klipsch sold Aragon/Acurus to Indy Audio Labs. The only thing I am not thrilled about is that the Acurus stuff is fairly expensive whereas it originally was priced closer to what Emotiva charges. It was astonishing to me that Acurus was even able to market Made in the USA products for roughly the same price as NAD, Rotel, et al back then. I suppose it was not remotely profitable as Klipsch never offered any Acurus products and only 2 of the Mondial era Aragon Amplifiers (8008bb=8008MKII/Palladium II=Palladium 1K)
I am really glad that Indy is not releasing the 3000 Series Aragon designed during the Klipsch era and seem to be offering all the Mondial era products.

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I use 2 Acurus 200X3's in my theater that are well over 15 years old. I hope they never die, but if they do I hope the new Acurus line lives up to the legend and is successful. biggrin.gif
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Personally, I wish it DID use op amps in the preamp section anyway. It will be DAMN difficult to replicate the performance of an AD8599 discretely. Discrete circuits can be built very well, but they are also a bit more susceptible to noise because they take up so much more space and use much longer wires between components. That said, as long as the SNR turns out well, it should be fine. I once had a NAD T753 with the worst SNR ever, so it does happen in relatively expensive gear sometimes. I also agree that room correction is absolutely necessary, and it must be Audyssey MultEQ XT at the very least.

"Vintage" is good for wine, not for A/V equipment.

-Dan D.
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Hello All,

My name is Tim Sorrentino and I just started a new venture called Sorrentino Deign Group, LLC and the first authorized brand I chose is Indy Audio Labs Aragon. I am located in central New Jersey. I do still own a 4004II from back in the day. (It is 23 years old!)

Indy does not allow for phone/mail or internet sales so If you would like to arrange for an audition of the 8008III that I just got in for demo please call and we will set up an appointment.

I will be setting up the 8008II this weekend and "breaking it in". I will come back and offer my impressions on the amp compared to my references that I have on hand.

I will continue to build my brand roster with "affordable" high end brands.

Have a great day.


PS. The current pricing on the amplifiers are $4399.99 for the 8008III and $4499.99 for the monobloc Iridium
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It's nice to see that these are being produced again in the US. I've always found Aragon and especially Acurus amps to be very good sounding amps and very good for the money. It seems like audio in the last decade has either gone downmarket, in terms of both sonics and build quality, or stratospherically priced upmarket. Regarding "room correction," my experience has been that it's a band-aid for mediocre performing gear.
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