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Jben04's Avatar Jben04 09:44 AM 08-04-2012
so today is my birthday and the misses said im allowed to go buy a new receiver.

The local best buy has these two for the price im looking at which is $250.
Pioneer VSX -522
Yamaha RX-V373BL
Denon AVR1312

Ive been reading alot about the onkyo, Denon models also.

Any ideas,thoughts ,recommendations would be very appreciated:)

ATM i have a crappy RCA RT2770 with surround speakers (8ohms), sub and will ,for now,use the existing speakers till i buy new ones.

jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 10:24 AM 08-04-2012
If those are your only choices, I'd pass on the 1312 (no speaker EQ program), otherwise if you can get the next higher Denon model, 1612, choose that over the other 2 has it has Audyssey that can EQ the sub which the other two models cannot do. Also note that the sub in that setup appears to be a 'passive" sub and would have to be replaced with an "active" sub when used with one of the AVRs you are considering.
Jben04's Avatar Jben04 10:29 AM 08-04-2012
To be honest,going to best buy to get it would benefit me in that id be able to have it on the same day,
but buying on line is an option ,i mean i dont mind waiting for delivery:)
Just found a Denon AVR-1612 for $229,but it has only 75 watts per channel ,does the watts per channel really make a difference
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 10:56 AM 08-04-2012
Any of the 3 models you choose will likely be more powerful than what your HTIB puts out. Also the average 8-ohm speaker only draws on average <5W/CH so a 75W AVR has more than enough power.
Jben04's Avatar Jben04 10:58 AM 08-04-2012
thanks,,, im leaning towards the Denon 1612 i saw on line for 229.00+ free shipping
Ive seen a onkyo HT-RC360 refurbished for 247.00 but not too sure about refurbished
gregzoll's Avatar gregzoll 11:40 AM 08-04-2012
jben, three days ago, it was on sale for $219.99, which I got mine for from Crutchfield. Can't beat the price, even though it is last years model.
Jben04's Avatar Jben04 11:46 AM 08-04-2012
do you mean the Denon or Onyko ?
jdsmoothie's Avatar jdsmoothie 12:11 PM 08-04-2012
He's referring to the Denon 1612.
Jben04's Avatar Jben04 01:14 PM 08-04-2012
AAH !! gotcha... so i guess 229.00 isnt a bad price then..just saw they also have "open Box "one for $206 also
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 04:32 PM 08-04-2012
I think you can still save $20 on the Denon 1612 by using promo code 3A172 at checkout from Crutchfield.
Jben04's Avatar Jben04 06:23 PM 08-04-2012
Excellent,the code did work,and AVR ordered,,thanks smile.gif
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